Autistic Boy Gets A Birthday Surprise!

autistic boy gets a birthday surprise fi

Pug-Themed Party Planned With 80 Pugs As Guests!

A 14-year-old boy unsuspectingly arrived at his birthday party not knowing that there were some pretty awesome guests waiting for him!

With few friends to hang out with or to invite to his party, Andrew spent most of his time with his family.

He is very fond of pugs and even created imaginary friends who are pugs.

Unfortunately, he has never been able to get a dog because of pet restrictions where he and his family live.

He collects all kinds of things that are pug-themed, and when he sees one walking down the street, he goes out of his way to meet the pug.

It’s not uncommon to see Andrew wearing pug shirts or carrying a backpack with a pug image on it.

As Andrew’s 14th birthday was approaching, his little sister decided to get creative and plan a party for him that was right up his alley.

She had a few weeks to plan this event, but the gears were turning in her head on what she needed to do.

The party theme would be pugs, of course, with a small barbeque in the park.

She posted something on Facebook to find out if anyone had a pug that could make a special appearance at the party.

It was important to her to make his birthday special.

Andrew never wanted a party in the past because he felt that no one would come.

The post on Facebook was shared by many, and it caught the attention of Pug Nation Rescue of Los Angeles.

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They wanted to help make this little boy’s birthday an awesome one. So they shared the event invite on the rescue’s Facebook page.

The invite went viral and had more than 50 pugs, and their owners marked as “attending.”

Andrew’s sister was touched by the outpouring of love and kindness of these strangers that shared a passion with pugs.

She began to get messages of pug owners around the world that wanted to send cards and gifts to Andrew.

The birthday party day had arrived, and as Andrew and his family arrived at the park, there were a big group of pugs sitting there waiting for the birthday boy!

Throughout the party, many other pugs and their owners showed up to greet Andrew and wish him well.

This fantastic sight had Andrew so excited as he greeted every dog with “Is this a pug?

He sat in the grass amidst all of these pugs with a great big smile. He hugged every single pug.

He will never forget that day. His little sister’s simple gesture of planning a party with one pug created an event that touched the hearts of many.

We can bet that as Andrew hugged every single pug, he got a hug right back from the pups and a lick or two!

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