Milo’s Selective Hearing

milos selective hearing fi

Pug totally ignores mom until he hears the magic word!

We are all too familiar with selective hearing when it comes to talking to people; especially when talking to our children

They notoriously tune us out. However, if we get crafty and slide a magic word in like “ice cream,” “play” or something that they love, you can bet your bottom dollar their ears will perk right up giving you their undivided attention!

What’s comical is when a dog does this to his mom. Yes! It’s a dog that tunes his mom out. 

Milo, the pug, lays contently next to his mom on the sofa appearing to be fast asleep. His mom begins to call his name over and over.

He does not respond but continues to lay there with his eyes closed. Maybe he really is asleep.

She continues on calling his name and nothing. Then she said, “Milo, you want to go for a walk?” Those little eyes on the sleeping pug popped wide open, and he looked right at her with his little cartoon-like face. 

She had his complete attention in a matter of a split second with one magic word – WALK!


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