Abused & Abandoned: “Brad Pitt” The Pitbull

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Leicester, Massachusetts is where a 4-month-old male pit bull was not only abused but was abandoned in the woods.

A logger working on private property a half mile down a dirt road discovered the dog in a crate. Sitting on top of the crate was a bag and can of dog food.

The pit bull did not have any tags or identification.

The logger moved the dog and crate closer to the main road thinking its owner would come back.

Two teen boys were out riding their bicycles and saw the dog.

Sam Rice and Brady Thebeau noticed how sad the dog appeared and as they approached it, he began to wag.

The boys managed to get the dog home where Sam’s mother, Stephanie Rice, helped to clean the dog up.

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Photo courtesy of WCVB Boston via WMUR9.

The pit bull was covered in feces that was throughout its crate, there were cigarette burns all over his body, he was malnourished, and had a discharge of goo coming from both eyes.

He was gentle and non-aggressive allowing Sam, his mother, and Brady to clean him up giving him a good bath.

Once done, they fed him and gave him water. Instead of wanting to nap, he wanted to play with the boys.

They named this sweet little pitbull “Brad Pitt.”

Brad Pitt was put up for adoption at the local animal shelter. The animal control officer could not understand why the owner failed to surrender the dog to the shelter since it was nearby.

Both Sam and Brady were awarded the “Award Of Excellence” by the local authorities for saving the puppy.

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Brave little Brad Pitt found his fur-ever home where he is loved as a member of his new family!

The compassion of the boys was this puppy’s saving grace.

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