Does your dog have one magic word?

Does your dog have one magic word FI

Selective hearing in our dogs until we say just the right thing!

Okay, pet parents, can you relate to having your dog ignore you until you say just the right thing?

Whether it’s go outside,” “walk,snack,” etc. there’s one magic word that gets a dog to perk up and listen.

One particular dog sat on the sofa, ignoring his mom until she said, “You want a treat?”

He turned and looked at her as if to say, “uh, well, yeh, mom!” As soon as she uttered the magic word, his head turned, and those eyes perked right up.

Now that we have YOUR attention with some funny situations with dogs and a magic word, we can’t stop here.

Good humor requires more dosing!

Yet another disinterested pup was given a list of food items by his dad.

As dad began naming foods, it took a few to get to the magic words. “Apples, carrots, banana….”, no reaction. Bones…” and the eyes perk up.

Dad continues with “treats…” and up pops the dog’s head. Full head tilting began as mom chimes in with “bones and treats.

In another home, Nala, the lab, was browsing the floor near the sofa for perhaps crumbs to devour.

Her focus was on sniffing the area and finding something. As her mom attempts several times to get her attention by calling her name, nothing happens.

By inserting Nala’s magic word, mom had the dog’s undivided attention. “You want something to EAT?” mom asked.

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Nala began jumping and running around excitedly. Can you just picture this scenario with children? Getting them to the dinner table would be a riot!

Every dog has a magic word that gets them going.

Whether it’s related to eating or a favorite activity, the association between the word and the reward is one of life’s greatest things a dog and (and the truth be known) their owner enjoys.

What is your dog’s magic word?

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