Cantu Can-Do ANYTHING! Little pit bull overcomes the obstacles of being paralyzed.

cantu can do anything! little pit bull overcomes the obstacles of being paralyzed FI

Dogs have a unique ability to look past their shortcomings (physical and mental) focusing on what’s ahead.

Can you imagine if WE lived our lives like that? There’s no “rearview mirror” in the life of an animal.

A pit bull with a beautiful soul was able to defy the odds against him with the miracle of adoption.

cantuonwheels on the beach

Born paralyzed in his back legs, Cantu is definitely a special dog with a big heart.

An exceptional young lady named Fatima Guevara saw the post and didn’t hesitate to take Cantu into her home.

Fatima’s passion and love for dogs are evident in her volunteer efforts with various shelters and rescue groups.

Her undying devotion to helping dogs fills her social media pages. The small apartment she calls home is “furnished” with dogs. How awesome is that?

cantuonwheels relaxing on sofa

These dogs are spoiled and loved with the comfort of a home centered around them.

Cantu races around with his little doggie wheelchair, and when he’s not in the wheelchair, he pulls himself around on the floor by his two front legs.

He doesn’t even realize he has a disability! He plays and gets around with his canine siblings with no issues.

Not a holiday or special occasion goes by that Cantu’s mom doesn’t dress him or his wheelchair up.

cantuonwheels sitting on the floor

This little guy looks good no matter where he goes, and he OWNS it! 
Thank you, Fatima, for your big heart not only for animals but a special needs pit bull.

Pit bulls, in general, struggle to find loving homes because of the misconceptions about these dogs.

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But to add a disability into the equation is a double whammy. Cantu is definitely blessed to have been rescued by you!

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