Can Dogs Eat Rice?


Can dogs eat rice? Yes. There are several reasons why it’s good for dogs to eat rice. And it’s often included in dog food formulas. It can even help a dog feel better when sick.

Thirty-eight point four percent of Americans own a dog, and you may be one of them. You also might want to learn about some diet tips for your dog. 

If you want to learn more about rice for dogs, read below. 

GI Issues

Rice is great for dogs when dealing with gastrointestinal (GI) issues. Often when a dog has a GI problem, they’re put on bland diets.

Rice is an excellent way for them to get carbs in this scenario. Dogs can have brown and white rice.

However, white rice should be fed to dogs with GI issues, not brown rice. White rice provides starch that dogs need. Also, rice helps bind stools when dogs suffer from diarrhea.

If you’re wondering, can dogs have brown rice at all? Because of the way rice is processed, brown rice is harder for dogs to digest. So, yes, they can, but it’s not always ideal.

Diabetic Dogs

Dogs that are diabetic should have a limited amount of white rice. They can still safely eat it but in low quantities. And don’t give them rice consistently. 

Carb Heavy

If your dogs’ food contains a lot of carbs, be careful not to feed them too much rice. This may cause weight gain. Monitor their figure, and if they start putting on too much weight, limit their carbs and or rice intake. 

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How to Prepare Rice for Dogs?

Can Dogs Eat Rice

The best way to prepare rice for dogs is to boil it just like your rice. But don’t add any herbs, spices, or sauce to it. If they balk at eating the plain rice, you can heat it with a bit of broth or gravy. 

Brown Rice for Dogs

Can dogs have brown rice? Yes. Brown rice has more nutrients than white rice. It’s great for dogs that have allergies. It can also make your dog feel full with less food, so it’s great for those needing to lose weight. 

Brown rice has more fiber and selenium. Both have been shown to possibly prevent cancer.

Rice Recipes for Dogs

Mixing rice with lamb, beef, or chicken in your dogs’ bowls will make them happy. It will also provide needed carbs to go with their protein and veggies like carrots or peas often found in dog recipes

Chicken giblets which are gizzard, heart, and liver, go great with rice for dogs. Oysters and salmon are also great with rice for dogs. They’re high in omega-3’s and vitamin D. 

Best Human Foods for Dogs

Aside from rice, there are some other human foods that are good for dogs. Foods such as oatmeal, eggs, yogurt, and peanut butter are all foods that many dogs enjoy. Plus, they provide added health benefits. 

Why Can Dogs Eat Rice?

Dogs can eat rice because it provides health benefits for GI issues. It also provides nutrients and carbs they need, while it can help them lose weight if used correctly. 

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Most dogs enjoy eating rice, and you can use these tips to keep them healthy.

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Can Dogs Eat Rice

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