Can Dogs Eat Nutmeg?

can dogs eat nutmeg

Nutmeg is one of the most popular spices used in baking and cooking. 

can dogs eat nutmeg

Nutmeg cookies are my favorite and I like baking them during the winter time and enjoying one with my evening coffee.

And, as always, my dog loves to stare me down while I have it.

But, I try not to give them to him as they contain a lot of sugar.

There are a lot of human foods that aren’t fit for your dog’s consumption.

Is Nutmeg one of them?

In this article, I will answer the question, “Can dogs eat Nutmeg?” and share everything you’ll need to know about this topic.

So, let’s get started.

Yay or Nay: Is Nutmeg Safe for Your Dog to Consume?

No, Nutmeg is not safe for your doggy friend to consume.

This is because Nutmeg contains a compound named Myristicin which is toxic to pets and may even lead to death.

If your pet finds his way into the pantry and discovers the nutmeg, you have a problem because a high dose of this can cause hallucinations, distortions, increased blood pressure, increased heart rate, seizures, and abdominal pain.

These signs can last up to 48 hours.

If you have a large dog who’s only had a small piece of your Nutmeg cookie, you don’t need to worry much but you should keep an eye on your dog.

However, if you own a smaller dog like a toy breed that’s had an entire cookie, it’s better to call the vet.

small dog

If your dog ingests a tiny dose of this spice, you don’t have a reason to worry.

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You may not even see the adverse side effects.

So, it’s okay if your dog had a small bite of your cookie but, it is best to avoid it altogether.

My recommendation is that you should keep Nutmeg as far away from your doggy as possible—probably in the overhead storage of your kitchen.

Nutmeg: What’s the Deal with this Spice?

Nutmeg is a hallucinogen.

If taken in large quantities by humans, they can get us ‘high.’ Since dogs are smaller than us in size, they reach this threshold faster than us.

You should call the vet if you find your dog sitting next to an empty plate of Nutmeg cookies that you had left on the counter to cool.

If your dog has taken smaller quantities, keep an eye on him for 24-48 hours.

Call the doctor if you see any adverse side effects. Less severe side effects include dehydration, nausea, and body pain.

Eating Nutmeg can be a nightmarish experience for your canine friend. Combined with the neurotoxicity, your dog gets hallucinations that can scare him to death.

Final Words: Can Dogs Eat Nutmeg?

No, Nutmeg is not safe for your dog to consume.

This spice, when taken in large quantities by humans causes hallucinations and a ‘high.’

Now, this threshold is lower for dogs.

So, Nutmeg can wreak havoc on your dog’s system.

If your dog has consumed this, take him to the vet immediately.

call the veterenarian

Puppy-proof your kitchen and make sure that Nutmeg is as far away from your pet’s reach as possible.

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