Can Dogs Eat Dates

can dogs eat dates featured
can dogs eat dates

Most pet owners express affection for their dogs through sharing.

However, not all of them know the dangers of giving dogs some human foods.

There are some foods which dogs can consume but with a lot of moderation.

For those who love dates, you might be wondering if it safe for your dog to eat these sweet fruits.

Can Dogs Eat Dates?

There is nothing to worry about when it comes to dates.

are dates toxic to dogs

These sweet little fruits are not toxic to dogs.

Therefore you can feed your dog with a date after removing the pit although; you should feed it in moderation.

Do not serve it with too many dates at the same time.

Always be cautious even if the fruit is not toxic.

It is because dogs body systems vary and are highly sensitive compared to humans.

A little test for a new diet is required for pets.

how many dates should i give my dog

Once you confirm that dates are safe for your dog, you can continue to feed it as an occasional treat but in small amounts.

Moreover, remove the pit before feeding the dog since it can get stuck in the dog’s throat and cause it to choke.

It might also cause more harm when it blocks the intestine which results in digestive blocking leading to death.

Benefits of Dates

Dates are an excellent treat for your dog since there is nothing that makes them toxic.

Instead of giving your dog cheap treats, giving it dates will help it gain the nutritional make-up of the sweet fruit.

can i give dates instead of treats to my dog

The fruits are highly nutritious and packed with essential vitamins including Vitamin A1, B1, B2, B3, B5, and C.

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Dates are also rich in minerals such as iron, calcium, manganese, potassium, calcium, copper, and magnesium.

Other essential nutrients include amino acids and dietary fiber whose combination improves and strengthens digestive system functioning.

Enhancing the digestive system will ensure your dog stays healthy by naturally boosting the immune system.

The dietary fiber also helps the dog to feel fuller for a longer time.

Furthermore, dates are low in fat and free of cholesterol.

are dates nutritious for dogs

The fruit is also a good energy booster.

Especially if your dog is lazy or slow because of old age, giving it dates gives it the energy to keep up with other dogs.  

Drawbacks of Consumption of Dates for Dogs

It is essential to give your dog dates with moderation.

If your dog consumes the sweet fruits in excess, it may cause harm and make it sick.

Dates are an excellent source of fiber therefore too much of it may affect the dog’s digestive system causing diarrhea.

why you should give your dog dates

Additionally, dates are really sweet since they are naturally rich in sugar –contain 80% pure sugar.

It is a known fact that too much sugar is harmful to dogs because they are not built to digest large quantities of the sweet substance.

Dogs who consume a lot of dates are at high risk of developing diabetes, obesity, and high blood pressure.

Therefore as a dog owner, you have to be cautious on the quantity of dates you feed your pet.

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