A Pug Slicker Than Gotti

a pug slicker than gotti fi

The Godfather of Celeb-Styled Dogs! 


This pug has swag that’ll knock your socks off! Atom (the pug) calls Toronto his home where he “runs” things.

He dominates social media with over 120,000 followers. 

Cameras, drones, and GoPros capture Atom at his best moments.

This dapper dog is seen out and about driving a variety of vehicles he owns which include an electric Jeep, Audi, and four-wheeler.

He would not dare be caught in public without his shades and distinctive designer collars and harnesses

When he is home, he and his human family frolics in the pool. He will occasionally be seen lounging on the sofa with his Starbucks cup in paw.

Atom participates in many hobbies and activities that his dad loves taking him to.

The puppy papparazzi have captured Atom on horseback, enjoying a go-kart ride and even traveling. 

When Atom is not enjoying the celeb life, his dad will take him to work where he greets customers at the service counter of Green Car Tires in Toronto.

This furry public figure has gained a trending fan base that continues to grow.

This doggy has a branding of his own with his vlogs, photos, and clothing line.

You can’t miss his funny antics and awesome features that his dad posts on Atom’s Facebook page

This pug has a prolific personality that will keep you entertained and laughing!

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