Useful Tips on How to Entice a Picky Dog Eat His Food


What do you do if your new pooch does not want to eat the food you gave him? Generally, dogs love to eat, but some breeds are finicky eaters.

If your pet is a picky one, there are several strategies you can use, like mixing his meal with dog food toppers for picky eaters.

According to Tufts University veterinary nutritionist, Doctor Deborah Linder, certain breeds like poodles and greyhounds are light eaters or finicky ones.

Doctor Jessica Vogelsang also claims that a pet’s dietary needs can change over time because of factors like their activity level, health, and age.

Meanwhile, other canines are picky eaters due to several reasons like a medical condition, stressful situation, and they don’t like their dog food, period.

Factors Affecting a Canine’s Eating Habits

There are several reasons why a dog seems to avoid food.

It’s advised to know and understand these causes to determine the best solutions.

Here are some of them:

What Strategies Can You Use to Get Your Picky Pet Eat?

When thinking of solutions to resolve your dog’s eating issues, focus on the factors that affect their behavior.

Here are some approaches you may use:

Healthy and Safe Herbs and Spices That Might be Effective for Your Picky Eaters

If your dog is notoriously fussy, you may consider mixing herbs and spices in his diet to entice him to eat.

These ingredients have lots of health benefits to help maintain your pet’s health. Here are some of the spices and herbs you can try:

Having a dog as a pet can bring joy and fun to your family.

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Therefore, you must ensure that he eats well to maintain his health in good condition.

If he suddenly becomes a finicky eater, you may try the tips above to bring back his appetite. 

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