Should I Give My Dog Meat or Not


One of the major dilemmas amongst dog owners has to do with their pet’s diet.

Meat has always been associated with dogs as a juicy treat.

However, is this food truly appropriate for their needs?

Does it cover their nutritional requirements? And more than that, should the meat be raw or cooked?

First Things First

Meat is obviously good for dogs.

More importantly, though, you should give meat of high-quality standards and preferably fresh.

Given the fact that raw or undercooked meat is the best for dogs, you understand how crucial its quality is.

On the other hand, overcooked meat lacks its nutrients and therefore should be avoided.

Avoid Pork like the Plague

Pork is not easily digested and thus should be a huge no-no for our pet friends.

There are in fact great sources of protein in meat varieties other than pork.

For example, beef and lamb are exceptional sources of protein.

Turkey is another meat that should be given to dogs guilt-free.

Nevertheless, raw fish should not be consumed by dogs.

There is high likelihood there will be parasites that lead to liver damage.

Not a Viable Diet Plan

Feeding your canine meat is not the most affordable diet option.

Especially when you want to offer high quality, perfectly safe meat, it can be quite costly.

But the alternative option of inexpensive dog food seems too cruel.

It lacks the proper nutrients and is poor in terms of flavor and satiety.

A wonderful solution would be premium dog food.

This is apparently a much healthier solution, in terms of nutrients.

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Your dog will get all the protein, vitamins and minerals it needs and will be kept healthy.

Of course, nutrition has come a long way, and nowadays there are superb dog food varieties to meet all dogs’ requirements.

There are premium foods that are high in protein, low in grains and have been fortified with extra antioxidants.

These are healthy foods, ideal for everyday use.

Bottom Line

In a nutshell, meat is great for dogs, but there are limitations.

Pork is not good and should not be used as dog food.

Furthermore, raw meat is the best in terms of nutrients.

But there really is a need for high-quality standards in the raw or undercooked meat.

Otherwise, the potential risks outweigh any nutritional benefits.

Since it can be rather expensive to feed your dog with organic, grass-fed meat of the finest quality, the next best thing is to use premium dog food.

Especially designed for the needs of specific dog breeds, these dog foods can be an excellent asset in the struggle of maintaining a healthy and balanced diet for your pet friend.

They deserve only the best, and so you should not compromise anything in terms of nutrietional value and flavor!

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