Can Dogs Eat Pears

can dogs have pears

I really feel that is always a good idea to look a human food up before you go ahead and feed it to your doggy friend.

Sometimes the food itself is okay for your canine friend to consume, however, it is the added ingredients, flavors, etc. that wreak havoc in your dog’s system and can lead to serious health disasters.

In this article, I’d like to answer the question, “Can dogs eat pears?” in as much detail as possible and go over a few facts that you should know.

So, without beating around the bush, let’s get started.

Read on!

Can Dogs Eat Pears? And Other Information!

Yes, pears are completely safe for your doggy friend to consume and are rich in vitamins and minerals that’ll nourish your pooch’s body!

Following are the health benefits of feeding your doggy friend some juicy pears:

  • They are high in fiber and help aid your doggy’s digestion

  • They’re rich in Vitamin C and K and also contain copper

  • Pears contain over 10% of the daily recommended limits of certain micro nutrients that act as antioxidants and help keep your pooch’s body healthy and keep your pooch happy

  • The high concentration of antioxidants is known to help reduce the risk of certain cancers as well as slow down the process of aging

  • The fiber in the pair helps keep your doggy friend’s heart healthy

  • Pears reduce the risk of a stroke by a whopping 50%!

A Few Considerations

So, as you can see, pears are good for your pooch after all!

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However, as with everything, you need to keep in mind that moderation is key and shouldn’t feed your furry friend large quantities of the fruit.

As with any new food, make sure that you begin by feeding your pooch a small quantity of pears.

This is because your dog can have an aversive reaction to the fruit.

After all, a little bit of precaution doesn’t hurt anyone, right?

I would also recommend you to call your doctor and ask for his advice before you make any changes to your dog’s diet—be it switching to a new brand of dog food, or introducing some human food to your doggy’s diet.

All dogs are different.

While some may even be allergic to pears, others may not have the slightest reaction and love it as a treat!

Final Words: Can Dogs Eat Pears?

All in all, I’d like to say that yes, dogs can eat pears without having any problems.

That being said, you need to exercise at least a bit of precaution before you introduce a new food to your dog’s diet.

So, feed pears as a treat only and start small and build your way up while looking for signs of an aversive reaction.

After all, your dog’s safety should is our number one priority!

And as with all fruit, ditch the seeds!

I hope this article is helpful in answering the question, can dogs have pears.

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