Puggie with a Piggy Posse

This is a MUST-READ! Pug lives with piglets and loves it!

Down in the deep south, lives a family whose kids consist of little pigs, donkeys, cows, goats, and a sweet little pug

The little pug does everything with her piggy siblings.

All of these animals live on a rescue farm where their human parents lovingly take in farm animals that are not wanted.

Among the piglets are two famous pigs known as Prissy and Pop

Pigtail, the pug, goes on all kinds of adventures with her pig pack and even enjoys social events.

Birthday parties, beach time, and even bedtime are done as a group. It’s not uncommon to find them all in matching outfits befitting for the occasion.

Pigtail and her piggy posse will continue to stay busy as their notoriety builds. with them to see what’s new!
Puggie with a Piggy Posse FI

Being big Alabama Crimson Tide fans, when game day arrives, Pigtail and her piglet clan dress to root the team on.

Their avid love of football has taken them as far as the Atlanta Brave’s stadium.

These cute little animals have a super mom that never leaves them out of something fun and exciting to do or experience. 

Her love of animals is evident and very admirable. Pigtail, the pug, and her family are truly inspiring for those of us who are animal lovers. 

When someone steps forward to help one of these creatures in need, we give you a big HIGH FIVE!

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