Pug-ee TP Thief!

pug ee tp thief Fi

Full toilet paper rolls are a joy to run with for this pug.

A pug owner glancing into the bathroom to find her pug feverishly unrolling the toilet tissue stands in shock while laughing! She asks him, “What are you doing?”

He then grabs the end of it, dragging the long strand of unending tissue behind him. Diving under the bed, so too goes the TP behind him.

The whole scene is comical, and you can’t help but chuckle. What in the world attracts dogs to rolls of toilet tissue?

Is it the motion it makes as it unrolls onto the floor?

The Connection: Tissue and Dogs

A pug suffering from boredom is going to get into anything and everything to include toilet tissue.

However, dogs have a strange connection to tissue-like things around the house.

They are prone to go on a mission of ‘grab, chew, and destroy.’

Toilet tissue, paper towels, kleenex, and napkins have a texture that attracts dogs.

According to Dr. Stanley Coren of Psychology Today, dogs have an innate instinct for things that have a feather or fur-like texture.

Before the domestication of dogs, they were reliant on hunting for food (birds, rabbits, etc.)

The shredding and tearing of that food was an instinctive behavior.

This behavior still remains in dogs but in a more subtle manner.

Tissue provides the same satisfaction as chewing up furry and feathery prey.

There is nothing like a good go at a fresh roll of toilet tissue to fulfill that animal instinct!

Discourage Instead of Encourage

Allowing our pugs to play with and chew up tissue only encourages negative behavior.

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It could lead to them digging in the garbage or worse, consuming the tissue.

It’s better to discourage playing with toilet tissue than encouraging their behavior.

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