Poignant Story of Pregnant Pitbull Rescued

poignant story of pregnant pitbull rescued fi

Pregnant pitbull found roaming the street. She finds a furever home!

There is nothing more heartbreaking than to hear about a dog neglected and living in the streets, much less pregnant!

Grayce is a beautiful pit bull who lives up to her name because of her graceful demeanor.

She is a sweetheart who claimed a big piece of her rescuer’s heart.

Stevoni Doyle volunteers with the Rescue Rovers of Springville, Utah.

They all work in unison to rescue dogs and place them in foster homes.

At the time when Grayce was rescued, she was around two years old, pregnant and about to deliver her pups.

Stevoni took Grayce into her home where she felt safe enough to have her puppies.

Eleven baby pitties arrived healthy, happy, and were all over Grayce. Grayce was so proud of her babies!

In all the years that Stevoni has rescued and fostered dogs, she never witnessed something that Grayce began to do.

One by one, Grayce started to carry her pups over to Stevoni as if she was giving them as a gift to her.

Every time Stevoni sat in the floor, Grayce would go through this routine of carrying and depositing the puppies into Stevoni’s lap.

Perhaps Grayce was doing the only thing she knew to do to thank Stevoni and to show her how much she loved her.

New dog mothers rarely allow people to be near their puppies, so this was unusual to see.

All of the puppies were successfully adopted, and Grayce was as well.

The sweet pitbull mommy is in her furever home where she has found love and will never have to roam the streets again.

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