Pit Bull Owner Leaves Dog Behind In Uber Ride

pit bull owner leaves dog behind in uber ride FI

A sweet surp​​​​rise remained in an Uber driver’s car after a passenger departed. 


A passenger and his pit bull puppy piled into an Uber ride one day. The driver took them to their requested destination in the Phoenix area.

The passenger quickly exited the car once they arrived at the destination.

Driving away, the Uber driver looked back to find a surprise laying in her back seat!

There sat the passenger’s dog.

Frantically the Uber driver returned to the place she dropped him off at to try and locate him.

With no luck, she attempted to contact him via the phone number which was linked to the Uber account for the man.

Unfortunately, the number was disconnected.

The Uber driver contacts Uber to find out what she should do.

They advised her to take the dog to the animal shelter.

That was not an option as far as she was concerned because of the kill-rate for the local shelter for pit bulls.

Deciding to keep the dog, the Uber driver named the pit bull “Honey.”

The county’s animal control policy states that a person who cares for a dog for six consecutive days can become the dog’s legal owner.

The Uber driver stated that she felt that the man left the dog behind on purpose. 

The happy new owner of Honey continues to drive for Uber but is very careful now to check her backseat to make sure any more surprises are not left behind!

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