Baboo The Blind Pug Captures Hearts!

baboo the blind pug captures hearts fi

“Wakey Wakey Baboo…” Family plants kisses on blind pug’s face to wake him up each morning


Our spirit can’t help but be lifted as we watch the video that David Freiheit (also known as Viva Frei) shared on YouTube of his sweet pug.

In fact, there are several videos that David has posted that are utterly adorable of Baboo. 

Baboo was adopted from a rescue by the Freiheit family back in 2012.

Baboo was blind, but that didn’t stop the Freiheits from taking this little guy home with them. They showered him with love!

The subtle sweetness that Baboo is well known for through David’s vlog includes how the family wakes Baboo up each morning.

Sleeping soundly in his bed, it’s not unusual to hear the pug happily snoring away.

They quietly approach Baboo while he is sleeping and plant gentle kisses on the pug’s face until he wakes up.

What a fantastic way to start the day! 

David has also caught Baboo falling asleep while sitting up. Baboo has been known to nap in his favorite spot.

The spot just happens to be in the baby’s bouncy chair! Baboo climbs up into it and settles in tightly while falling fast asleep. 

Since Baboo is blind, he strategically maneuvers his way around the house by placing the side of his muzzle against walls as he walks the length of the room.

Somehow he knows which room he is and where he needs to go to find his food

Sadly, the Freiheits lost Baboo in 2017 to a terminal lung problem. Their hearts will always have the precious memories of their sweet Baboo.

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This little dog shows us that a mere physical deficit such as blindness should not keep us from living life.

He certainly didn’t let it stop him! 

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