New Baby Pug Surprises Woman For Her Birthday!

Jonathan Dipierro of Manhattan planned a super sweet surprise for his then-girlfriend for her birthday.

Tracy (his girlfriend) loves dogs and is especially fond of pugs. “She deserves the world. 

This puppy’s an incredible start to the family we want,” he stated. He put his plan into action by contacting a breeder where he picked out the pug puppy he would give to her. 

Just a few months later, when Tracy’s birthday arrived, he picked the puppy up from the breeder and took it home.

Tracy was not home, so he waited with nervous anticipation to present her with the puppy.

During this time, he changed into a special pug shirt he had purchased just for the occasion! 

When Tracy arrived, she was met by her boyfriend in a pug shirt with a Go-Pro camera strapped to his head! 

He ran to get a big box that had the puppy in it. As he handed it to her, out peeked Hodor, the pug!

Tracy was shocked and began crying as she was overjoyed. “Is this for real? I love him,” she said.  

Jonathan and Tracy married a few years after. 

Hodor is like their child and is included in every major event in their lives. They have many photos with their precious pug right there in the middle with them. 

Their photos make you feel warm and fuzzy all over.

This sweet little pug is truly loved!

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