Improving The Hygiene Of A Smelly Dog


85% of dogs over 4 years old already have signs of periodontal disease caused by their teeth not being cleaned regularly.

The smell of a wet dog or doggy breath is a smell that most owners are familiar with. 

However, these smells are undesirable and shouldn’t be accepted as part of life with a four-legged friend.

There are many ways to help your dog have good breath and smell as fresh as a daisy, such as shampoos and doggy toothpastes.

Good hygiene will also reduce the risk of skin conditions and gum disease, giving you a happier and healthier pooch.

The Problem With A Smelly Pup

Poor doggy hygiene can be more problematic than just the smell.

Dogs with medium, long and non-shedding coats need to be brushed regularly to reduce matting of their fur.

This matting can cause oils and dirt to build up, which will become smelly and cause skin infections and pulling on the skin.

Severe matting can even affect the dog’s ability to walk, eat and see, which can lead to many other problems.

Some dogs are at risk of allergies and having poor hygiene can aggravate these, leading to watery eyes, itching and scratching.

A Good Bubble Bath

Most owners over-bathe their pooches, which can do more harm than good, such as causing skin irritation and stripping the fur of natural, beneficial oils.

Dogs only need to be bathed around once every 2-3 months, unless they are good at getting themselves dirty then they will need bathing more frequently.

Picking the best dog shampoo will depend on factors such as their coat type, if they have sensitive skin and if flea treatment is needed.

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Regularly taking your dog to the groomers, especially those with medium and long coats, will improve their overall hygiene.

Doggy Dental

Cleaning your dog’s teeth is oftenan oversight when it comes to their care, but not doing so on a regular basis can cause health problems as well as smelly breath.

Dental disease happens as food sits on dog’s teeth and turns into tartar, which then collects bacteria that can enter the bloodstream.

This can be damaging to vital organs, including the heart and kidneys.

Cleaning your canines teeth is the best way to prevent dental disease and will also eliminate the bad breath that is associated with it.

Providing toys and offering dental sticks that dogs can chew will also help to prevent and remove tartar from teeth.

Helping a dog with their hygiene issues will help them smell better and have improved health.

Bathing them when they’re messy, if not every few months, along with good dental hygiene will help to reduce doggy smells and your dog will feel better and be happier.

Written by Cindy Carter

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