africanis dog breed

The Africanis Dog Breed

Qui​​ck Navigation Characteristics: A Quick Look The Africanis is a native South African dog breed.Descended from pariah dogs and hounds of ancient Africa, the term ‘Africanis’ is used to refer to all the native African dog breeds according to the Africanis Society of Southern Africa. Known as the African dog, these dogs are medium-sized and have …

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The Boxer Breed

The Boxer is classified as one of the Working Dog Breeds in the American Kennel Club. They typically stand up to two feet tall and weigh in around 65 pounds. If the Boxer is taken care of properly then he is very likely to live up to 12 years old. Boxers are a fun-loving, humorous …

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Boston Terrier

Boston Terrier Care and InfoAlso known as the American Gentleman, the Boston Terrier is a gentle family companion with distinctive tuxedo-like patterns in his fur. They are one of the most popular canines in homes across the country even though they were initially bred to be fierce fighting dogs. The Boston Terrier is an exceptional …

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