The Africanis Dog Breed

africanis dog breed

The Africanis is a native South African dog breed.

africanis dog breed

Descended from pariah dogs and hounds of ancient Africa, the term ‘Africanis’ is used to refer to all the native African dog breeds according to the Africanis Society of Southern Africa.

Known as the African dog, these dogs are medium-sized and have a short coat and a slightly larger tail.

In this blog post, I will share with you a few details about this dog breed.

So, without further ado, let’s begin!

General Breed Information: The Africanis

Africanis dogs are friendly to humans and are territorial and highly intelligent—this makes them good watchdogs. Loyal by nature, these dogs are good at guarding a property without getting too aggressive.

The Africanis are independent dogs that are safe to have in your house.

This dog likes to have his space and be able to roam freely beside his human companion.

These dogs aren’t good with other dogs—especially in a pack and can prove to be quite difficult.

Africanis are built to survive and withstand the harsh weather of Africa and don’t need a lot of grooming, sustenance, and pampering.

These are the healthiest dog breeds in Africa due to years of evolutions and genetic diversity. These dogs don’t suffer from congenital disabilities of the purebred dogs and have a strong immune system that is resistant to diseases and parasites.

They get rather grumpy as they age.

Africanis History

Brought to Africa by the Neolithic herdsmen from the Middle East seven thousand years ago, the true Africanis dogs can still be found in tribal areas.

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what is the africanis dog

Over the years, owing to the process of evolution, the Africanis dogs evolved to withstand the harsh environments of Africa with low maintenance needs. Due to the survival of the fittest, these dogs are resistant to most diseases and are strong.


Due to the popularity of designer breed dogs, Africanis Society of Southern Africa was found to conserve this breed. According to the Kennel Union of Southern Africa (KUSA), this dog breed is an emerging breed.

Africanis Personality: What’ Good About ‘Em?

These dogs are easy to get along with and no-fuss kind of dogs.

The Africanis love their human family and are unobtrusive dogs. Since they are independent, they like to have their space and explore the environment—they aren’t the kind of dogs that would like to live in small apartments.

Because of their territorial nature, the Africanis dogs are excellent in guarding and protecting livestock.

They are good with other animals but, don’t do well in packs.

Since they are quite intelligent, the Africanis dogs are easy to train and catch onto things quite easily.

These playful dogs are good with kids as well!

Characteristics: A Quick Look

Following are the characteristics of the Africanis dog breed:

They are very good with kids owing to their playful and friendly nature

They are quite territorial and make good guard dogs

They are intelligent which makes them highly trainable and obedient

They are friendly to other animals if they respect the territorial boundaries

They aren’t pack animals

They aren’t apartment friendly but can still make things work if the need arises

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They can trot great distances and have high stamina

They are quite adaptable

They are healthy but have a fair chance of contracting rabies

They don’t need special grooming and don’t have high nutritional needs

They are loyal and courageous and can even fight to death for their master!

This dog breed sure is a good one, right?

Final Words

Native to Africa, the Africanis dog breed is evolved to be able to live and thrive in the harsh weather conditions of the African continent.

Not just that, the Africanis dogs are a healthy breed and resistant to various diseases and condition—all thanks to evolution.

The good thing about these dogs is that they don’t have fancy nutritional requirements, grooming needs, and do well when they are allowed to roam freely on their own. They make good companions for human beings.

These dogs make a great family as well as guard dogs and are loyal to their owners.

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