Can Dogs Eat Pizza?

can dogs have pizza

Pizza. It’s a cornerstone of the American diet.

can dogs have pizza

It’s a little bit of heaven in a cheesy triangle (plus whatever toppings you want) that you can get almost anywhere.

And you know when you eat that slice, your four legged family member is right there to take whatever you don’t want.

But should you give your dog pizza?

Should you let them enjoy the tasty treat that you too are enjoying?

Well the answer is two-fold.

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First you have to consider your dog, and secondly you also have to consider the toppings that you have on the pizza as some can be deadly, plus it’s not generally healthy (is it even healthy for us).

So take some of the following information into consideration when you decide whether or not to share with your furry friend, but know that general consensus is that no, you should not feed your dog pizza.

What We Like Can Be Toxic to our Dogs

Just because we can eat it, doesn’t mean that our pets should eat it.

Ideally they should be eating a diet of high quality dog food and potentially some (certain) vegetables and meat. But that’s another topic.

When it comes to toppings, some of them are unhealthy and can even be fatal to our dogs.

Cheese, mushrooms, and garlic could prove toxic to your pet. And if you didn’t already know, human foods is one of the leading causes of pet poisoning.

So instead of giving them a piece of pizza, maybe have some doggy treats on hand to keep them satisfied.

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Other Side Effects of Pizza and Human Food

Besides being toxic, it can just make them feel not so great. You might get an extra cheese slice and think hey they would love this.

But dogs are pretty much lactose intolerant.

That means some not so nice things going on with them that you, their human, will have to clean up.

The additional oils and fats can also cause pancreatitis over time.

Human pizza can lead to a hefty vet bill.

Plus, pizza on a regular basis can lead to obesity, and just as obesity isn’t good for humans, it’s not good for our pets either.

This can have a detrimental effect on their quality of life and their joints.

Don’t do that to them, keep them healthy.

Say No to Pizza 

Just say no to giving them pizza while you are eating.

Sure you want to treat them, we all do, but treat them with something specially designed for them. This will keep their body healthy.

Also consider this, if you are consistently giving them human food as treats right off your plate, you are creating bad habits.

They will be begging for food at every meal, and how do you stop a toddler from feeding them or from pushing them away if you are encouraging it?

Teach them good habits, give them a treat and have them lie down in another area a bit further from the table.

The more they are taught to not beg, the easier it will be for you to eat your pizza and put the rest away for another day.

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