Can Dogs Eat Garlic

can dogs have garlic

A pet is one of the best companions a person can have.


They are cute, considerate, and emotional.

This stands especially true for dogs.

Dubbed as the most faithful animal in the world, most people keep dogs as companions.

They have the uncanny ability to sense what you emotionally need and provide you with it.

These days, some people are preferring dogs over children; so much has the love for dogs grown!

So it’s only fair that we humans take care of them as much as they take care of us.

 A very big part of this care is the diet.

Their diet is significantly different from ours and some of the things that we would like them to eat (like chocolate) can even cause their deaths. 

Can Dogs Have Garlic

For us humans, garlic has a numerous health benefits but does it suit your dog as well? Let’s find out!

can dogs eat garlic

Whether garlic is suitable for dogs or not is a debatable topic.

However, most vets recommend that giving them garlic in small, regulated amounts can be beneficial for their health.

It contains vitamins like B6 and C, minerals, proteins, and also has other medicinal properties which makes them good for their health.

However, there are certain downsides too; it can be toxic in large doses and can also cause invisible damage to blood cells.

The Pros and Cons Of Feeding Your Dog Garlic

The benefits and hazards also depend upon the breed of the dog.

So before taking a decision, it’s best to check what would work your dog’s breed and what wouldn’t.

  • Garlic helps keep fleas and ticks away
  • Keeps their stomach infection-free by getting rid of worms and other parasites
  • It stops blood from clotting and also widens blood vessels
  • Can decrease the build-up of cholesterol in your dog’s body
  • It may prevent the formation of tumors because of its anti-tumor benefits
  • Helps clean the lymphatic system of the dog by removing waste from its system
  • It has antimicrobial, antifungal, and antiparasitic properties that keep your dog healthy
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On the flip side, there are an equal number of health issues when garlic is given in large amounts.

  • It can be toxic as it can burst red blood cells, and can also cause poisoning
  • It can cause hemolytic anaemia due to bursting of red blood cells
  • It should not be administered to puppies and pregnant dogs
  • It can cause oral irritation, nausea, drooling, vomiting, abdominal pain and diarrhea

If you see any of these signs, immediately stop giving garlic and take him to the vet.

Also, the garlic must be freshly peeled if you do decide to give your dog a little bit of garlic.

can dogs have garlic

Minced, ready-made garlic does not have any health benefits and on the contrary affects your dog’s health poorly.

Thus, garlic is beneficial for your dog when given in small doses however, when given in large doses, it might intoxicate it and might even lead to your beloved pet’s death.

The effects of garlic also depend upon your dog’s breed so, that also should be taken into consideration.

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