“But Mom…” Pit Bull Disobeys Just like a Child!

But Mom Pit Bull Disobeys Just like a Child FI

Don’t you jump in that pull!”- and there she goes!

Those of us who are parents know the rebellious nature of children.

They do precisely the opposite of what you tell them.

It’s no different in dogs because they’ll do what they want as well.

We check in with one dog mom who is about to let her pit bull and her canine sibling out the back door.

She prepares the dog by telling her that she is NOT to go jump in the pool.

She engages in eye-to-eye instruction as she tells her dog, “No swimming!

The pit bull even sits down as if to confirm, “I hear ya, Mom, and I will behave.

As she turns the doorknob on the patio door and begins to open it, both dogs prepare to exit with anticipation of getting outside.

As mom tells them to go potty as they fly out the door, the pit bull heads right over to the edge of the pool.

Guess what was on the pit bull’s mind?

Mom firmly yells, “No swimming,” yet again, and both dogs turn around to acknowledge mom’s command.

Turning back around, the pit bull jumps into the pool and proceeds to enjoy a nice swim around and around and around.

No matter how frustrated mom was and how many times she told the dog to get out, it failed miserably.

According to dog trainer, Tyler Ohlmann, he basically sums it up by saying, “Dogs do what works.”

So, the pit bull simply did what worked for her. Have a swim before going potty!

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There is an alternative to jumping in the pool if you happen to have a water-loving pup.

Of course, having a fence up around the pool is the most viable option, but there are other ways to distract your dog from jumping in.

  • Fill a kiddie pool with plastic balls and just a little bit of water.
  • Take them out on a leash, so you have control.
  • Do a little dog training 101 to hone in on specific obedience rules regarding the pool.
  • Go out with them and guide them with your body blocking their path to the pool.
  • Just let them go and enjoy themselves!

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