All About Dogs: The Red Nose Pitbull Breed

all about dogs the red nose pitbull breed
what is a red nose pit bull

No, It’s Not Rudolph – It’s a Pit Bull

The soulful eyes of this misunderstood breed tugs at the heart of all dog lovers.

Its ruby red nose is the very gem that adorns the overall beauty this breed emanates. Having a lean and stocky body, this dog proves to be a sturdy pet.

The Stigma Behind the Pit Bull

The Pit Bull was once known as a sweet and gentle breed and bore the nickname “Nanny Dog.”

 How did this breed go from gentle to a breed that has been isolated and tagged as the most aggressive breed of dog?

are red nose pit bulls rare

The darker side of society saw the Pit Bull as an icon of strength and power.​

Gangs and thugs began to exploit the Pit Bull’s behavior as well as their tendency for fighting in the way of dogfights.

 It wasn’t too long before the Pit Bull held a close association with violence and aggression and was seen a very dangerous breed.

Sadly, breed specific legislation has placed strict restrictions on the breed as a whole casting it off to be less than desired.

This has caused a high rate of euthanasia placing the Pit Bull as unadoptable.

are red nose pit bulls a seperate breed

If given a chance, a Pit Bull can be a very loving and loyal family dog.

Where did Red Nose Pit Bulls come from?

A Red Nose Pitbull is merely a variation of the American Pit Bull Terrier.

The distinguishing red nose is a rarity and cannot be reproduced in puppies.

Originating in the 1800s in England, this specific breed was a fluke happening as the result of inbreeding with another breed (which is unknown.)

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Raised with the purpose of sports fighting, the Red Nose Pit Bull found itself facing fights with bulls, bears and other animals.

whats the difference between a red nose and blue nose pit bull

The dog always seemed to come out the winner. Eventually, the Red Nose Pitbull began to be pitted against fellow pit bulls.

This was perhaps where the negative attitudes started to surface towards this breed.

As the immigrants of England began to arrive in America, so too came the pit bulls.

The days of fighting were a thing of the past as the pit bulls became watchdogs and members of the family.

With time dog fighting picked up again gaining momentum while placing the pit bull in the center of society’s eye.

Important Things to Know

facts about the red nose pit bull

Possible Health Conditions

Some pit bulls have the genetics that will trigger or cause:

red nose pit bull health conditions

As with all dogs, loving and nurturing them to be a positive part of the family is the key to having a great furry companion!

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