UPS Driver Falls in Love With Customer’s Pit Bull

ups driver falls in love with customers pit bull fi

When a UPS driver discovered a customer on her route died, she adopted the customer’s pit bull!

Katie Newhouser had a variety of customers on her UPS delivery route. ​

, she looked forward to delivering to one particular address in Rancho Cucamonga, California.

Each time she made a delivery to this place, Leo, a sweet pit bull always met her.

This dog has a unique and sweet personality that Katie fell in love with. On her deliveries there, Leo was always waiting for her.

They developed a routine where Leo would go down to her UPS truck and jump up into it. He sat in the driver’s seat each time as if he owned it! 

Sadly, with each delivery, Katie had to leave Leo.

He did not want to leave her truck and would have gladly joined her in making deliveries if given a chance.

We are sure Katie would have let him if she was allowed to do so.

The friendship bloomed between Katie and Leo.

How many UPS drivers have the joy of seeing such a special dog each time they deliver to a specific address?

Seeing Leo lifted Katie’s heart every time!

Katie took a few days off work, and when she returned, one of her scheduled deliveries was Leo’s house.

Arriving at the house, she knocked, but no one answered the door. Concerned, she looked around for Leo’s owner.

Sadly, Katie found out that Leo’s owner had died, leaving Leo all alone. He was facing being sent to the local shelter.

Katie knew she couldn’t let this happen.

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She and Leo had something special and to think about him ending up in a shelter was more than she could bear.

Katie decided to adopt Leo and take him home with her. Although Leo was missing his owner dearly, he had Katie there to help him through his grief.

He was in a new loving home where he was happy.

He now even has two canine siblings, one of which is also a pit bull!

Through the kindness and love of a UPS driver, a pit bull was saved from a shelter.

The perception that pit bulls are mean and dangerous is quickly dispelled by the unconditional love and friendship Leo gave to his “box lady.”

Not only did a UPS driver look forward to seeing Leo, but Leo was ecstatic to see her each time!

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