Signs That Your Dog is in Pain


It is natural for every dog owner to be concerned about the well-being and safety of their pet dog.

However, it can be challenging to know and understand when your dog is in pain at times.

Many a time, the dog show signs and symptoms that indicate something is wrong with them or are in distress such as limping, growling, anxiety, and unusual restlessness.

At other times, it can be difficult to know and comprehend if your dog is in pain.

If you find out your dog is in pain, one of the highly recommended remedies these days is administering CBD oil for dogs

In this article, we will discuss a few of the warning signs that indicate your dog is in pain or something is wrong with your dog that needs medical attention.

It would help ensure that your canine friend doesn’t have to suffer in silence and gets the help it needs timely.

Constant Grooming

Dogs love to groom themselves, and it is not a warning sign in itself.

However, if you notice that your dog is obsessively grooming himself/herself, it might just well be a sign of pain.

Grooming and licking are comforting for dogs, and when they do it excessively, it hints towards the existence of pain in that particular localized area.

Checking with the veterinarian is recommended if this behavior of excessive and constant grooming continues to find the root cause of the pain and treat it.

More Vocal than Usual

Dog owners have an idea of how vocal their dogs are and can identify when the dog is making more noise than usual. 

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If your dog is barking and growling more than usual, it could hint towards pain.

Check the body of the dog carefully for any injury or unusual build-up anywhere.

If such behavior continues to persist, going to your veterinarian for help is recommended. 

Loss of Appetite 

When your dog refuses to eat or lose interest in food, even when you give his or her favorite food to eat, understand something is wrong.

It might be due to the pain or difficulty in chewing, swallowing, or digesting the food. 

The loss of appetite also hints towards more severe illnesses such as cancer, kidney failure, and liver problems.

Checking with the veterinarian at the earliest is suggested in such conditions. 


One of the clear indicators that your dog is in pain is when he becomes unusually aggressive.

If the natural behavior of your dog is calm, orderly, and friendly, and he/she suddenly becomes too aggressive, it is a clear sign of the existence of pain.

Make sure to check the dog carefully in such situations as dogs can snap at the owners as well when in severe pain.

Administering CBD oil for dogs in intervals is also known to calm dogs and provide them relief from pain.  


Dogs pant after exercising or playing for some time. It is a sign of exhaustion and exertion.

If your dog is severely panting even while resting, the chances are that he’s in severe pain.

Checking with the veterinarian to find the underlying cause of the pain is essential before the problem gets bigger. 

Dogs are sensitive and would show signs of being in pain one way or the other.

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The onus is on the owners to identify these hints to ensure timely treatment.

If your dog is showing any unusual signs, getting medical help at the earliest is highly recommended for the proper well-being of your dog.  

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