Pug puts everyone on notice when he’s in the driver’s seat!

A lot of dog parents know what it’s like for their dogs to jump into the car and claim a seat refusing to move. 

The mother of Enkei, the pug, has this happen a lot. She has managed to capture Enkei’s “pug rage” while behind the wheel of her car (and the car never even moves!)

Enkei is a three-year-old pug who lives in the beautiful rolling hills of Scotland.

He and his canine brother, Sanka, get to go to a lot of fun places with mom and dad. Riding in the car is the absolute bomb for these little dogs.

Enkei happily accepts an invitation to go “bye-bye” in the car. He knows that his opportunity for a little time “behind the wheel” is coming.

Once in the car, he claims the driver’s seat quickly, and just as if he’s human, he positions his paws on the steering wheel.

It’s comical how it appears this little pug is going to drive right off. 

While Enkei has hold of the steering wheel, he scopes out the area outside and ensures that everyone knows to get out of his way.

He barks, then looks around, and barks some more. 

This little pug has his own version of road rage without the car ever moving. What a hoot!

You can enjoy more pics of Enkei and Sanka’s busy lives on their social media pages.

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