Is the German Shepherd the Right Dog for You?


German Shepherds are working dogs that find their origins in Germany.

Is the German Shepherd the Right Dog for You

They have a distinct personality and are known to be trainable, intelligent, and obedient dogs.

This courageous and devoted breed is the second most-registered by the American Kennel Club (AKC).

German Shepherds are intimidating to look at but, are gentle and faithful.

In this article, I’ll share a few facts about the German Shepherd dog with you.

So, let’s get started!

Is the German Shepherd the RIGHT Companion for You?

In this section of the article, I will help you determine whether or not the German Shepherd is the right dog for you.

reasons to get a german shepherd

Let’s take a look at the facts!

German Shepherd is the RIGHT Choice for You If…

German Shepherd is NOT the Right Choice for You If…

About the German Shepherd Dog

German Shepherd is the kind of dog that doesn’t make a lot of friends but, with the friends that he has, he’s extremely loyal.

are german shepherds loyal dogs

This dog is aloof but isn’t normally very aggressive.

This dog is known to be strong as well as protective and makes an excellent watchdog with his strong and sturdy looks, and stern face.

German Shepherds are highly intelligent dogs that can be trained to do almost anything—they serve as police dogs, companions, tracking people and explosives, etc.


They are quite impatient and can’t be on their own for a long time.

can german shepherds be watch dogs

In fact, German Shepherds are known to develop destructive behaviors such as chewing, digging holes, etc. when left alone for a long time.

They are active dogs and need to be exercised.

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German Shepherds like to go on long walks, play games such as fetch, go to the dog park, go hiking, etc.

Puppies need to be socialized early on in life to become well-rounded adults.

Ideally, you should take your GSD to puppy kindergarten and expose him to various environments.

You shouldn’t get yourself a German Shepherd Dog if you stay away from home for long periods of time as this breed is prone to anxiety as well as boredom.

facts about the german shepherd

They do well in families where someone’s home at all times.

In fact, German Shepherds are prone to separation anxiety!

These dogs aren’t well-suited for small apartments as they like to explore and be active.

Obedience training is something that you need to work on since puppyhood.

From the day that you bring your dog home, you should begin the training process.

Contrary to popular belief, German Shepherds make good family dogs and are amazing with kids.

are german shepherds good with kids

In fact, they’re even protective of them!

German Shepherd: Health Facts

Following are some diseases this breed is prone to:

common diseases in german shepherds

Other German Shepherd Facts:

This breed is also recognised by other names. Those names include:
Common colors of the German Shepherd are:
different german shepherd coats
German Shepherd coats:
German Shepherd Lifespan:

The average German Shepherd will live between 11-13 years. That is on average. There are cases where they can live over 15 years old.

Final Words About The German Shepherd

The German Shepherd is the 7th most popular breed in the United Kingdom and the 2nd most popular in the United States.

info about german shepherds

German Shepherds are known to be affectionate, loving, loyal, kind, and protective one-master dogs. They will do anything for you!

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