Can Dogs Have Avocados

can dogs eat avocado

Avocados are healthy and rich in good fat.

can dogs eat avocado

I am a sucker for avocado toast, and it is one my favorite breakfasts of all time! In fact, I almost always have some avocado at home!

And, my dog likes to sniff around and bed for some.

But, as you know, some human foods are toxic to dogs and can have adverse health effects.

So, it is always a good idea to look a food item up before you feed it to your fluffy friend.

In this article, I will answer the question, “Can dogs have avocados?” as well as I possibly can.

Let’s start!

Can Dogs Have Avocados?: Yes or No

According to the American Society of Prevention Of Cruelty to Animals, Avocados contain a toxin named Persin which is toxic to many pets including horses, goats, cattle, and birds.

However, dogs are known to be more resistant to this toxin.

So, in theory, yes, dogs can have avocados.

But, just because a particular food isn’t toxic to dogs, doesn’t mean it is safe for him to consume.

If taken in small quantities, avocados aren’t harmful to dogs and can even have health benefits.

Avocados can cause your doggy friend to have an upset stomach and can even lead to gastrointestinal disturbances.

The biggest problem with avocados is the large size of the pit which makes it a choking hazard.

Not just that, the pit can even cause gastrointestinal disturbances and lead to the blocking of your dog’s intestines which is very painful and may also require surgery!

So, while avocados aren’t toxic to dogs, they are still risky.

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Why Is Avocado Good For Dogs?

Avocados are superfoods and provide your furry friend with some of the essential vitamins and nutrients around.

can dogs have avocado

In this section of the blog, I will share a few health benefits of avocados for dogs when they small quantities of skinned and pitted avocados.

Avocados are:

  • checkRich sources of potassium and contain 60% more of this mineral than a banana does!
  • checkExcellent sources of dietary fiber
  • checkRich in essential omega fatty acids or “good fats”
  • checkGood at helping your dog’s coat condition and skin health
  • checkAnti-inflammatory properties
  • checkRich in antioxidants that are beneficial to the immune system
  • checkRich in Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and folate
  • checkGreat sources of niacin

One of the best sources of protein as they contain 18 essential amino acids that aid in muscle development

While skinned and pitted avocados in small quantities are completely safe for dogs to consume and have health benefits for your furry friend, you should try and avoid leaving them laying around on the kitchen counter as your dog may accidentally get his paws on them.

Accidental or unintentional consumption will be dangerous.

My Dog Ate Avocado! What Should I Do? 

Dogs sometimes eat what we don’t want them to but, they do it anyway.

As I mentioned in the previous section, the pit poses the most significant threat as it contains Persin and is a choking hazard.

I would advise you to call the vet immediately and look for tenderness in your dog’s stomach.

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However, if you have only had a bite off of the fruit, you are safe as the flesh isn’t toxic to dogs and doesn’t pose any long-term health risks.

In any case, give your vet a call and carefully monitor your dog after he’s had avocado.

Vomiting is one of the significant signs of gastrointestinal obstructions. Call emergency services immediately in case your dog starts vomiting.

Another problem that you face when you get your furry friend avocado is that it has too much fat in it.

The high content of fact can cause your furry friend to develop a potentially life-threatening disease such as pancreatitis.

Signs Of Something Wrong

It is true that some premium dog foods do have avocados in them as a good source of nutrition, but, they need to be given to dogs in just the right quantity and with the right preparation.

If your furry friend got his paws on some avocados while you weren’t watching then, look for the following signs:



Lack of stool production

These signs indicate that something is wrong with your furry friend. So, in case you observe any of these, it will be a good idea to get in contact with your vet as soon as possible.

You may even need to seek emergency care.

Can Dogs Have Avocados?

Avocados aren’t toxic to dogs, and they can even be beneficial if given to them in the right quantities and with the proper preparation.

An avocado must be washed, skinned, and pitted if you are serving it to your dog.

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However, since they are high in fat, they should be given to dogs in a limited quantity.

Your dog doesn’t need any supplements in his diet as he gets all the nutrition that he needs from his kibble.  

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