Can Dogs Eat Green Peppers?


Green peppers, part of the bell pepper family, are really great.

can dogs eat peppers

They are healthy, and they taste great smothered in ranch or blue cheese dressing as well (takes away from the healthy part doesn’t it).

But they are generally a healthy treat. But now you want to know if you can share them with your furry friend.

Well, let’s find out if they can join you on the pepper eating trend. 

Dog Friendly

Green peppers are dog friendly (although red seems to be better, green is still healthy for them).

Unlike other foods, you aren’t introducing fats and oils and potentially toxic chemicals into them they are getting raw nutrients, and that’s a great thing.

You don’t have to cook them either just wash them, cut them up, and serve them.

Maybe even try putting them in their food, but if you wanted other snack ideas these are ideal. 

Benefits of Bell Peppers

Peppers provide a host of nutrients that can benefit dogs.

Peppers can provide anti-oxidants, vitamin A, vitamin C, beta-carotene, and carotenoid phytonutrients.

Daily consumption can also reduce inflammation which can be especially beneficial to older dogs (and even dogs that run on a daily basis). 

Another benefit is reducing doggy farts.

Seriously, have you been sitting next to one and the air just becomes, vile. They are bad.

Peppers however have been reported to reduce that. It’s really worth a shot.

They can also assist in circulation, constipation and digestive health. It may even help reduce the likelihood of cancer. 

Give ‘Em the Peppers!

So now you have a great new treat for your dogs.

It’s something that even though it’s people food, can still be shared with them, because it’s natural.

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There are no added extras to them which makes them an ideal treat.

Unlike some dog treats, you have to limit how much you give them because of calories, fats, etc., in conjunction with their regular food. 

Peppers however are low in fat and calories which means, more for snacking.

They are even great to treat with if your dog is a little heavier than they should be.

So next time you buy peppers and are cutting some up for yourself, make sure to cut up and small bowl for your four legged family member and know that they are eating just as healthy as you are (and they may smell better too). 

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