Can Dogs Eat Grapes

Dogs Should Not Be Fed Grapes


Grapes are nutritious and delicious too, and they offer health benefits to the human beings. However, to the dogs, it is a no since they can be extremely harmful and fatal to them.

can dogs eat grapes

Given that they are rich in vitamins A, B, and C, there are some unsuspecting dog owners who will feed the dogs grapes. They think since they are nutritious to them, the same would apply to the dogs.

This is not the case and therefore don’t be that dog parent who feeds the dogs grapes. Some of the common and serious effects of feeding the dog with grapes include possible kidney failure.

The red and green variety is harmful to dogs and therefore should be avoided.

Grapes Are Toxic To Dogs

Despite the fact that humans find the grapes to be good for their health, we have highlighted they are not good for canines.

However, some dogs might prove to be immune to the grapes effects, but this does not mean you should try to find out if your dog is in that category. It is important to point out that even a small amount can be harmful and therefore you should not try with your dog.

As indicated, kidney failure is one of the effects of grapes. In other serious cases, there might be grapes poisoning without signs of improvement and vets might suggest putting the dog down in such circumstances. The same will apply for raisins too.

A Dogs Curiosity Might Lead to Problems

Watch the dogs surrounding carefully since they are very curious sometimes. A vine of grapes in your neighbor’s yard where your dog could be accessing might be dangerous to the dog.

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Even in your kitchen, don’t leave a fresh bowl of grapes in the vicinity of your dog. It is important to play it safe although not all dogs will show an adverse reaction to the grapes. It’s not a chance worth taking.

The reason why grapes are harmful to the dogs is not very well known, and it is still a phenomenon that experts too might not be able to explain.

However, acute renal failure remains one of the effects that are commonly known, and it is because of excessive consumption of grapes. This is a condition that can be abrupt and deadly.

Signs That Indicate Effects of Grapes

It is important to know what signs indicate grapes poisoning in the dogs. Number one, diarrhea and vomiting are some of the first signs to watch for.

Secondly, the dog might show lack of appetite, having a stomachache, some form of lethargy and general weakness together with little or no urination. You might want to induce vomiting as a relief to grapes poisoning.

One technique that can be applied is activated charcoal and introducing fluids. The fluids are an important intravenous technique that will help in flushing out and replacing tainted vital fluids.

Therefore, you should never give any kind of grapes to the dog. They might be toxic to your buddy, and they end up causing suffering and sometimes terrible death. Therefore, watch out for the surrounding of your buddy to avoid such effects.

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