The Best Wireless Dog Fences

The Best Wireless Dog Fences of 2017


Keeping your dog within your yard can be a chore at times. You don’t want to constantly have to worry about your dog escaping your yard and possibly causing trouble for others or getting hurt. Fences are a good way to keep some dogs within the necessary boundaries. However, if your dog is a fence hopper….well regular fences aren’t all there made out to be.

Also, if you don’t already have a fence, there is a lot of groundwork in building one. Maybe you don’t have time or simply don’t want the headache of building a fence to keep your dog contained even though you know it is necessary.

So, what’s the most efficient and easiest way to keep your dog in your yard?

A wireless dog fence.

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Wireless dog fences are a great way to set outside spatial boundaries for your dog with the least physical effort required on your part. They are humane, easy to use, and affordable.

We want to help you pick the best wireless dog fence for your needs.

Before investing in a wireless fence it is best to take your time and consider a few factors that will determine which wireless dog fence is most suitable for you and your dog.

You need to know what a wireless dog fence is and how it actually works before you can really determine what type of equipment you will need to adequately secure your dog.

Once you have an idea of what you need to secure your dog through a wireless dog fence, then you can use the guide provided to select the best wireless dog fence for you.

​Quick Product Comparison

Product Name



Petsafe​ Wireless Pet Containment System

Check on Amazon

PetSafe Stay + Play Wireless Fence

Check on Amazon

Perimeter Technologies Wire-Free Wi-Fi Dog Fence

Check on Amazon

Focuspet Dog Fence Wireless Containment System

Check on Amazon

Motorola Wireless Fence for Home or Travel

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Friendly Pet Products Wireless Dog Fence with Radio

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All about Wireless Fences

What is a Wireless Fence?

A wireless fence is a device that keeps your pet contained to particular area. The “fence” is created by using a transmitter via wireless signals. The diameter of the fence boundary is established through the transmitter. This determines just how far your pet is allowed to roam.

The Difference between a Wireless Fence and an Invisible Fence

When shopping​​​​ around for fencing devices for your dog, it is important to know the difference between a wireless fence and an invisible fence. It may seem as if they are the same because you can’t physically see either of them. However, there is a difference.

Wireless Fence Wireless fences are created using a transmitter. The “fence” is created by wireless signals that are relayed to the dog collar via a transmitter.

Invisible Fence  An invisible fence cannot be seen similarly to the wireless dog fence. However, with the invisible fence there is an electric hardwired fence that is placed in the ground. Hence, it’s invisibility.

How Do Wireless Fences Work?

The wireless fence is composed of a transmitter and a dog collar. The transmitter allows you to determine the distance that your dog can move around. Wireless signals are emitted from the transmitter that connects with the dog collar. These signals track the range that the dog is in via the collar to ensure your dog stays within range.

petsafe wireless fence for dogs

If the dog goes beyond the specified range established by the transmitter, the dog will receive a static “shock”. This is officially referred to as a static correction, and it does not cause harm to a dog at all. It is simply a way to teach your dog the established boundaries. After several static corrections, your dog will be pretty aware of where they can and cannot go.

How Do Invisible Fences Work?

Invisible fences are created by installing boundary wire set to the shape of your choice. This boundary wire is installed underground. The invisible fence works through the use of the boundary wire, dog collar, and transmitter. The transmitter can be installed or placed in your home. 

Your dog will wear the collar while out on the lawn, and if your dog nears or goes beyond the underground boundary line, it will receive a “shock”. There are some invisible fences that provide a warning sound prior to initiating a shock.

Wireless fences are highly preferred because they are easy to operate and do not require extensive installation while invisible fences are preferred for their ability to provide exact range protection because of the placement of the underground boundary wire.

Choosing a Wireless Dog Fence

Before you take the leap and purchase a wireless dog fence, it is important to consider a number of factors to determine which fence is most suitable for you. Knowing what you want out of a dog fence is very important before making any definitive decisions.

Here are some factors to consider when shopping for a wireless dog fence.


You get what you pay for. If you want a fence that will actually do the job of keeping your dog on your lawn, you have to be willing to pay for this. No one is asking you to take out a second mortgage to purchase a wireless fence. However, the amount you spend does oftentimes determine the effectiveness of the product.

best dog fence

Low-priced wireless fences are cheap for a reason. This is particularly true if they are not made by a well-known brand. Consider your new wireless fence as an investment to keep your dog safe without going to the poorhouse to do so.

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Ease of Use

Selecting a wireless fence that is compatible with your skill set is important. In general, most wireless fences are easy to use. Some may come with more components than others, but the effects are still the same. In order to get the most from your wireless fence it is necessary for you to take the time to understand how it works in its entirety.

Fence Support

To obtain the most efficient wireless fence, you must know how much support you need. How many dogs and/or other animals will be monitored by the fence? Typically, the level of wireless fence support is determined by the wavelength/connectivity used. Connectivity options include:

Corded – Corded fences have strong support for numerous dogs under one fence. There is no set level of fence support because different manufacturers offer various levels of corded fence support.

Radio – This is the best option as it offers unlimited fence support. This means that you can collar up as many dogs as you want. Of the three fence support options, radio wavelength is by far the strongest.

Wi-Fi  This is the weakest wavelength option for fence support. Fences under Wi-Fi can usually only provide fence support for two dogs maximum.

Corded or Cordless

The type of wireless fence you purchase is important to achieving the boundary support you desire for your dog. Wireless fences are available in corded and cordless options.

Corded  Corded fences allow you to create a specific shape for your wireless fence boundaries. The fence will still remain wireless despite the cords because the cords are covered. You can cover them by building pavement or concrete over the cords, or by creating a small space underground to hold the cords.

With corded fences, you have the ability to create a boundary of any shape and size by simply twisting it. Likewise, corded fences have stronger fence support than Wi-Fi options.

Cordless  Cordless fences do not use cords of any type and are connected via wireless signals. These types of fences are operated via Wi-Fi or radio frequencies. The frequencies for these fences operate in a circular pattern. Wi-Fi cordless fences are less secure than their radio counterparts as the connection is less stable.


Wireless fences are convenient and easy to use, but depending on your range requirements it may or may not be the right choice for you. Typically, wireless fences are effective up to 70 feet, any distance larger than this is best covered via a corded fence.

Customer Ratings

Public opinion is always a benefit when shopping around for a wireless fence. People are always willing to share their happy and not so happy experiences with various wireless fences. Take these customer ratings and reviews seriously as they can either help you choose the best wireless fence for you or help you avoid a wireless fencing headache.


Whether a portable wireless fence is for you depends on your personal situation. Most people that prefer portable wireless fences like the convenience of establishing boundaries for their dog wherever they desire. Portable wireless fences are great for people that move frequently or travel a lot. Also, portable wireless fences are only available for cordless fences as this is what makes them portable.

Top Picks-Wireless Dog Fences of 2017

The following are some popular wireless dog fence options that you can consider for your potential wireless fence purchase.

PetSafe Wireless Pet Containment System

​PetSafe Wireless Pet Containment System

The Petsafe Wireless Pet Containment System is a popular wireless fencing option. A combination of portability, unlimited fencing support via radio-frequency, and ample range coverage makes this containment system a popular choice.

​This wireless fencing option provides boundary support through radio frequencies of approximately 18 KHz providing a total radial coverage area of about 90 feet.

No complicated digging and wiring required. Just turn on the transmitter and collar up your dog for a safe and effective pet containment system. No cords make this system ultra-portable. Perfect for people that travel or prefer the convenience of a cordless pet containment system.

White boundary flags are included with the system, and they can be placed on your lawn in a radial position in circular alignment with radio frequencies. Many users of this product state that their pets learn the boundary points quickly, and these flags are easy to remove once boundary points are established.

This system also comes with an adjustable waterproof dog collar that supports neck sizes 6 to 28 inches for pets above 8 pounds.

Reliability, ease of use, excellent range, and the ability to support boundary coverage for unlimited pets, makes this one of the best pet containment options available.

  • Portable
  • Easy to set up (2 hours max)
  • Unlimited pets can be added to the system as long as they wear a supporting collar
  • check US-based customer support available 6 days a week
  • Some customers with sloped yards reported issues with frequency coverage
  • May not be the best option for smaller pets under 8lbs

PetSafe Stay + Play Wireless Fence

​PetSafe Stay + Play Wireless Fence

This is another PetSafe product that is actually an updated version of the original wireless pet containment system. This system still provides the same effective radio frequency fencing support without a complicated installation.

With the updated PetSafe Stay + Play Wireless Fence, you get unlimited pet boundary coverage at up to 105 radial feet. There are absolutely no wires so this is a perfect portable wireless fencing option for those on the go or those looking for an easy-to-use wireless pet fencing system.

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The new and improved waterproof, rechargeable, adjustable collar recharges in as little as 2-3 hours and provides up to three weeks of use. There are five levels of static conditioning and a training mode to help your dog acclimate to the fence. Plus, the new ergonomically designed collar offers coverage for smaller dogs five pounds and up with neck sizes from 6 to 28 inches.

  • Portable
  • Easy to set up (2 hours max)
  • Unlimited pets can be added to the system as long as they wear a supporting collar
  • check US-based customer support available 6 days a week
  • check Increased boundary coverage to 105 radial feet
  • check New collar is rechargeable and supports smaller dogs 5lbs and up
  • Some customers report transmitter malfunction issues
  • There are issues for those that have irregular or sloped yards
  • Metal objects may interfere with radio frequency
  • Perimeter Technologies Wire-Free Wi-Fi Dog Fence

    Perimeter Technologies Wire-Free Wi-Fi Dog Fence

    The Perimeter Technologies Wire-Free Wi-Fi Dog Fence offers a cordless Wi-Fi enabled fencing solution for those that want convenience and portability.

    This system comes with a Base Smart Station micro-chip transceiver that includes a built in battery charger. It runs on two rechargeable lithium ion batteries.

    It operates on 802.15 wireless signals that are commonly used for most wireless enabled electronics.

    This system comes with one waterproof collar transceiver and an additional collar can be added to the system to provide boundary coverage for two pets.

    The Custom Correction Programming is a unique selling point of this wireless fencing system. It allows you to choose the level of correction on the collars with up to eight levels of correction options. Thus, instead of both animals receiving the same levels of boundary correction, you can tailor the static correction to suit the temperament of the dog.

    Perimeter Technologies is very honest about the effectiveness of this product. It states on their website that this product might not be the best option for you if you live near a wooded area, in a log cabin or have metal siding, roofing or structures on your home or in the area where you would like to establish the wireless fencing.

    • checkWireless technology makes it convenient and portable
    • checkCustom Correction Programming offers different static correction levels based on animal temperament
    • Wi-Fi connection doesn’t offer consistent boundary coverage
    • ​Many customers are reporting that the lithium ion batteries drain very quickly
    • ban Wireless fencing is limited by metal and wood structures

    Focuspet Dog Fence Wireless Containment System

    Focuspet Dog Fence Wireless Containment System

    The Focuspet Dog Fence Wireless Containment System is a wireless fencing system that operates on Wi-Fi for convenient connectivity, set up, and portability.

    The wireless transmitter has a minimum range of 20 meters to up to 500 meters for fencing boundaries. It comes with a charger for both the transmitter and the collar.

    The system also includes two waterproof and rechargeable collar receivers that are best for dogs 8lbs and up with neck sizes 6 to 26. The collar offers unique ways to help establish boundaries with two stimulus modes. 

    The Pulse Proportional Stimulus mode creates an intense pulse of static correction the closer a dog moves away from the range. The Progressive Tone Stimulus offers provides a warning tone as your dog moves out of range followed by static correction.

    • checkPortable
    • checkUnique stimulus modes that enforce range boundaries
    • checkCan be installed inside or outside with the grounding stake
    • checkSet up is easy
    • Customers report that the collars “shock” even when the dogs are within range
    • Range is found to be unreliable because of Wi-Fi connection
    • banNot a good option for small dogs as the collar only supports dogs over 8lbs

    Motorola Wireless Fence for Home or Travel

    Motorola Wireless Fence for Home or Travel

    The Motorola Wireless Fence for Home or Travel is an option for you if you want the convenience of a portable, wireless fence with easy setup.

    This is a Wi-Fi operated fencing system enabling it to be used anywhere there is a reliable connection. The wireless fencing unit has a back-lit LED screen and can be operated either inside or outside. For outside operation an outdoor grounding stake is included.

    The wireless fence creates a circular boundary up to one acre, and the unit comes with 50 training flags to help you train your dog to stay within range.

    One pet collar unit is included although there is the ability to add one additional collar. 

    There are also two pairs of collar contacts for both long and short haired dogs. The collar offers both a tone only and a 15 mode static correction option that allow you to choose the right level of static correction for your dog.

    The rechargeable pack is a welcome addition if you want to create a wireless fence on the go.

    • checkPortable
    • checkAdjustable static correction and tone only options
    • checkCan be installed inside or outside with the grounding stake
    • checkSet up is easy
    • Sometimes the collar does not charge properly
    • There are some issues with “dead spots” where range coverage is low or non-existent

    Friendly Pet Products Wireless Dog Fence with Radio

    Friendly Pet Products Wireless Dog Fence with Radio

    The Friendly Pet Products Wireless Dog Fence with Radio provides an efficient wireless fencing option with corded radio frequency.

    This unit comes with a primary transmitter that includes an in-ground boundary wire. This boundary wire enables you to create the boundary lines for your wireless fence that best suit your environment.

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    There is enough boundary wire to cover 1/3 of an acre, and it is expandable to up to 5 acres using 4000 feet of cord.

    Set up for this corded wireless system is relatively easy with the included with the Step-By-Step Install Instructions and the Quick-Start Guide.

    The kit includes one waterproof collar that has five customizable static correction levels. Because this is a corded wireless system utilizing radio waves, you are able to add unlimited coverage for as many pets as you desire by purchasing additional collars.

    In comparison to some of the cordless wireless systems, the Friendly Pet Products Wireless Dog Fence with Radio is far more effective at creating boundaries that pets will adhere to. Furthermore, this wireless fencing system is relatively affordable when compared to cordless wireless systems that are almost twice as much but offer less range.

    • checkCorded so that you can create your own boundaries
    • checkOperates using radio waves
    • checkUnlimited fencing support
    • checkWaterproof collar offers 5 levels of static correction
    • checkExpandable to up to 5 acres
    • checkAffordable
    • Not Portable
    • Battery life is not the best
    • Numerous collar malfunctions requiring replacement seem to be an issue


    Now that you have an idea of the various wireless fencing options, there are some factors that need to be considered when using wireless dog fences. While these fences do provide a very valuable, protective resource for your pets, it is important that you understand any limitations that may exist when using wireless fences for dogs.

    Check Your Dog’s Health

    Nearly all the wireless fencing systems include a collar that provides static correction or “shock” to prevent a dog from moving beyond the range of the wireless fence. In most cases, these “shocks” are minor and do not cause harm to a dog.

    In rare cases, the shocks can hurt a dog. However, this usually occurs when there is a pre-existing health condition that is then aggravated by the static corrections. To be on the safe side, it is best to take your dog for a complete checkup and mention that you are considering the use of a wireless fencing collar to your veterinarian.

    Not a Total Fence Replacement

    As effective as some wireless fences are they will never be able to replace a good old-fashioned fence. It would not be wise to depend solely on a wireless fence to keep your dog from wandering off. 

    There are a number of factors that can affect the functioning of a wireless dog fence including but not limited to the type of fence used (corded or cordless), amount of range, and the type of wavelength or connectivity utilized to communicate between the transmitter and the collars.

    The truth of the matter is sometimes your dog will escape. No company can ever guarantee that the boundary range of the wireless fencing will always work at 100%. It is always best to not rely completely on wireless fencing as your sole method of keeping your dog within your vicinity.

    Weather-Related Malfunctioning

    If you’ve had the opportunity to look at wireless fence reviews, you will see that a lot of people are upset because their fences do not work all the time. Honestly, this is not the manufacturer’s fault. Weather-related malfunctioning of wireless fences does occur. 

    Some wireless fences are more prone to issues than others. For example, cordless wireless fences that rely on radio and particularly Wi-Fi are very sensitive to rain, snow and even excessive heat and will stop working.

    If you have a transmitter installed outside…this is another factor that can definitely cause weather-related malfunctioning of the wireless dog fence. Consider how the various elements can damage inner mechanisms that enable the transmitter to work properly. This is something to consider if your wireless fence is not working as expected.

    Interference from Surroundings

    Finally, there are times when you just have to accept that your environment may not be the best option for a wireless fence. If you are surrounded by trees, it is going to be very difficult for you to use some of the wireless fencing options on the market.

    Likewise, if you have metal siding or roofing, or even metal items in the desired range, metal will cause issues with connectivity.

    Unless you plan on stripping all the metal off of your home or cutting down all the trees near you, it may be best for you to consider other fencing options for your dog.

    Product Name



    Petsafe​ Wireless Pet Containment System

    Check on Amazon

    PetSafe Stay + Play Wireless Fence

    Check on Amazon

    Perimeter Technologies Wire-Free Wi-Fi Dog Fence

    Check on Amazon

    Focuspet Dog Fence Wireless Containment System

    Check on Amazon

    Motorola Wireless Fence for Home or Travel

    Check on Amazon

    Friendly Pet Products Wireless Dog Fence with Radio

    Check on Amazon

    Time to Fence It Up

    Now that you have a thorough understanding of wireless dog fences and some of the options available to you, it’s time to take the knowledge and put it to good use. Choose a wireless fencing option that provides you with the best boundary coverage and most protection for your dog.

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