Should I Give Hummus to Dogs or Not

can dogs eat hummus

Most people want to share their favorite food with their precious companion, their dog.

Especially when they think that a specific type of food is healthy and nutritious, they believe that it is a great food option for their canine.

This is the case with hummus. So people wonder if they should give hummus to their dog or not.

Can I Give My Dog Hummus?

The quick answer is no. You shouldn’t give you dog hummus because it contains garlic and lemon which can be harmful to dogs. But keep reading as we may have an option for you.

Hummus May Be Toxic to Your Dog

can dogs eat hummus

First of all, chickpeas are healthy for both humans and dogs. So this means that you can feed your dog with chickpeas.

However, hummus does not only contain chickpeas, and this is what makes the situation complicated.

Unfortunately, it is not suggested that you give hummus to your dog.

Although this might be a great and healthy food for you, your dog has different nutritional needs.

There are two components in hummus that make it a really bad choice for your dog.

is hummus bad for dogs

The one is garlic. This is an ingredient that might end up poisoning your dog.

Due to its composition, it is toxic, and in large amounts, it can damage red blood cells.

 When used in small amounts, though, garlic does not lead to any health issue.

But it can be hard to determine which amount is actually large and hence garlic should be avoided.

The other threatening ingredient is lemon juice. There is citric acid that might result in stomach pain.

Acidic foods are not great for dogs. Their abdomen is not as tolerant as humans’. So it is best to avoid those foods.

Garlic-Free, Lemon-Free Hummus

If you are determined to offer your canine friend hummus, you can try out cooking it without the potentially dangerous ingredients.

In other words, you can make hummus that does not contain garlic or lemon juice.

In this way, you will be able to offer a healthy treat and at the same time prevent any unwanted consequences deriving from the consumption of garlic or lemon juice.

What If My Dog Accidentally Consumes Hummus?

In this case, it is all a matter of quantity. In small quantities, the dog will not experience any side effects.

After all, toxicity in garlic only applies to substantial amounts of this ingredient.

can i give my dog hummus

Nevertheless, if you spot some warning signs like nausea and vomiting, drooling and persistent pain in the abdomen, diarrhea and general fatigue, then you should consult with your vet.

Bottom Line

Even though hummus is one of the healthiest treats for hummus, dogs do not share the same benefits.

When consumed in large quantities, hummus can harm your canine due to the high toxicity in garlic and the acidity of lemon juice.

Of course, you can make risk-free hummus; but you had better try out other healthy treats for your dog.

If you want, you can use chickpeas instead of hummus – they are absolutely harmless for your canine, and they taste delicious!

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