What Happens When Your Dog Sleeps with You in Bed

dog sleeping in bed

If you have been troubling yourself as to whether or not you should let your dog sleep in bed with you, don’t.

dog sleeping in bed

Dogs are man’s best friend, and they prove it every day.

When it comes to sleeping with your dog, you will see that there are various benefits deriving from such a pattern. 

So even if you feel squeezed and you miss the nights when you had all the bed to yourself, have a look at the benefits below and give your dog a huge hug!

Have a Good Night with Your Dog in Bed

One of the most important benefits associated with the presence of your dog in bed is your overall health state improvement.

More specifically, sleeping with your dog will help you reduce stress and lower your levels of cholesterol and triglycerides.

Heart disease is often associated with these levels.

So it makes perfect sense why sleeping with your dog may lead to a healthier heart.

In addition, the presence of your dog in bed may also improve your sleep quality. Again, they reduce stress and allow you to fully relax.

Their warmth is welcoming, especially during the cold nights.

What is more, your dog makes you feel safe and therefore enables you to sleep better.

If something bad happens, your dog will protect you.

Of course, your dog feels the same about you and sleeps care-free, knowing that you will be protective if need be.

When fighting off depression, a dog can be proven amazingly helpful.

When you get your dog, you release oxycontin.

This is a truly precious hormone, as it makes you get rid of anxiety and relax.

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You also feel connected to somebody else.

Your relationship with a living creature that shows unconditional love is valuable.

Dogs are not judgmental creatures, and this allows you to show them who you really are, without any fear or insecurity. 

Finally, your dog appreciates this behavior and cannot wait to crawl under the covers to sleep with you.

Through this daily habit, you two are brought closer together, and you get the opportunity to bond even more.

If you consider the fact that dogs love the warmth and intimacy of togetherness, you will realize why it is so important for them to sleep with you.

Bottom Line

For all these reasons, you should know by now that it is great for your dog to share your bed.

Obviously, it goes without even questioning that you need to implement good hygiene, in avoidance of any discomfort.

Other than that, your dog can be a wonderful sleep companion.

It will keep you relaxed and warm, happy and healthy.

What more could you ask from your best friend?

In fact, you should start thinking of ways to compensate your loving dog for everything!

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