Why Do Dogs Hate When You Blow on Their Face


Blowing your dog’s face and ears, is amusing and pleasing, right?

In fact, you should encourage kids to join in the fun, right? “A big no, no!” What seems like fun is a recipe for disaster.

Why Do Dogs Hate When You Blow on Their Face

How, sure my cute pooch knows I mean no harm?

To the dog, this activity is unbelievably irritating. Pause for a minute and have someone blow your face, to get a gist of how the dog feels.

Make sure the current is strong, even mixed with a little spit.

Surely, now you have noticed the discomfort and level of disrespect.

Dogs never see this coming, and they respond the same way: Get angry. The only way to stop you may involve unleashing their violent side.

At least that’s what we can assume. Until a device that can translate, ‘woofs’ to words of fury is invented dogs will always snap.

Let’s explore additional reasons why dogs hate the sudden gush of wind on their face.

You Startle Them

Some dogs may not mind an occasional smooch.

But when you get close and suddenly blow air: The pouch becomes bewildered –not knowing where the unnatural wind is coming from, it snaps or growls.

It’s telling you “I don’t like this gush of air, but it’s coming from you, shut it before I take matters into my own paws.”

If you ignore, expect more than a growl or snap. Proceed, if you wish to have some canines buried deep in your face.

Instead, take the dog for a drive, and let their face and ears flap wildly in the natural wind. The air is also infused with natural scents.

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You’re Invading Personal Space

You love your personal space. Yes, the happy feeling of being unrestricted. A surprising blow on the face would not be pleasant at all.

In the process, the offender may give you a cheeky direct stare, utterly infuriating you.

Dogs appreciate their space too. And they are uncomfortable with all the intrusion. In fact, it’s the reason children get bitten often. At their height, they are close to the dog’s face.

How to Know the Dog Is Becoming Impatient

Dogs also exhibit other warning signs such as licking lips, shoving the head to one side, yawning and whale eyes.

Your dog is not aggressive or violent by displaying this hostility.

Keep in mind that dogs have enhanced senses. For instance, dogs have 300million olfactory receptors versus six million in humans.

They interact with the world using their nose. Besides, they can hear four times the distance humans can.

Thus, they may interpret and find the act of blowing to be loud and infuriating.

Be Considerate

Hopefully, you know have sufficient to why dogs hate having their face blown. Never let children, blow the dog’s face.

It’s amusing but uncomfortable to the dog, even if it doesn’t react.

Dogs don’t ask for much: only affection and some food.

However, if the dogs seem overly aggressive, have an expert correct the problem through the positive reward approach.

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