Can Dogs Have Vinegar? What’s The Use of It Anyway!?

Can Dogs Have Vinegar What’s The Use of It Anyway

Vinegar is an all-in-one solution to a lot of things—be it preserving food, cleaning things, using it in a hot bath, or drizzling it onto your salad.

Did you know that vinegar has as many health benefits for dogs as it does for human beings?

It’s true!

In fact, some dog owners swear by the effects that white and apple cider vinegar have on their dogs.

In this blog post, I’ll answer the question, “Can dogs have vinegar?” and explain to you what it is good for your doggy friend’s body, and share a few tips on how you can feed it to your dog.

So, let’s start.

Yes or No: Can Dogs Have Vinegar?

Yes, dogs can have vinegar and, it does have health benefits for your pooch.

It is true that some common human foods in your pantry are toxic for your furry friend and you should make it a point to look the ingredients of a food product up before you feed it to your doggy.

Your dog would not necessarily have the concentrated form of vinegar but, can give your dog some apple cider or white vinegar mixed in:

  • Normal water
  • Your dog’s favorite pet food
  • Homemade dog food

You get the idea, right?

Apple cider vinegar is known to contain nutritional properties unique to it such as, a combination of vitamins and minerals which includes iron, magnesium, and potassium.

But, what kind of vinegar should you buy?

I highly recommend that you get a high-quality vinegar for your furry companion. I suggest you buy the raw and unfiltered kind—which is brown, cloudy, curdled, and has a sediment at the bottom.

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Why Should I Even Give My Dog Vinegar?

As I mentioned before, vinegar is as good for dogs as it is for human beings.

In this section of the blog, I’ll give you a few reasons why you should add some vinegar to your furry friend’s diet.

Let’s take a look, shall we?

  • Vinegar can boost your pup’s appetite and will also aid in the digestion
  • It helps the bacteria present in your dog’s stomach to break the fats and proteins down better—so, your dog will retain more nutrition from the same food
  • It helps your dog’s body in the absorption of nutrients
  • Vinegar also helps balance your dog’s body’s PH level which is also an indicator of your doggy friend’s general overall health
  • Intake of vinegar helps fight off infections
  • Vinegar does a good job of detoxifying the dog’s bladder, liver, and kidney and helps in the proper functioning

Isn’t vinegar really efficient!?

Final Words

The answer to the question, “Can dogs have vinegar?” is yes!

Vinegar is rich in a lot of vitamins and minerals and helps your doggy friend’s body fight off diseases and stay healthy.

You can feed your dog vinegar by:

  • Mixing it in his water
  • Mixing it with the dog’s kibble or homemade food

Did you know this about dogs and vinegar? Let us know in the comments section!


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