Can Dogs Have Jelly Beans

can dogs have jelly beans

Jelly beans are popular candy for kids and adults alike.

can dogs have jelly beans

They’re quite popular during Easter come in various colors and flavors and taste amazing.

I always like to munch on jelly beans during Easter and, my dog seems fascinated with everything that goes in my mouth.

But, are they safe for your furry friend to consume?

The truth is, processed foods are made keeping human consumers in mind.

So, most of them aren’t exactly safe for your furry friend to consume and can even cause several problems.

In this article, I will answer the question, “Can dogs have jelly beans?” in as much detail as I can.

Let’s start!

Yes or No: Are Jelly Beans Safe for Dogs to Consume?

No, jelly beans are not safe for your doggy friend to munch on and you should keep them as far away from your furry friend as possible.

In this section of the article, I will go through exactly why you should do that.

Let’s begin.

Quantity of Sugar

One of the ingredients listed on the jelly bean package is sugar. It’s a no-brainer since jelly beans are candy.

As you may know, sugar isn’t safe for dogs to consume.

Having something high in sugar can cause your doggy friend to have an upset stomach, diarrhea, and vomiting in the short term.

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However, in the long term, too much sugar can lead to conditions such as being overweight, dental cavities, and diabetes.

The Content of Pectin

Pectin is derived from apples and citrus fruits and is a highly soluble fiber normally given to dogs to treat diarrhea.

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However, in case your dog is not experiencing any diarrhea, you shouldn’t feed him foods that have large amounts of pectin.

This is because pectin will cause your furry friend to have a disturbance in his digestive system as well as lead to constipation and cause your dog to pass hard painful stools.

Content of Caffeine

Some brands of jelly bean put in quite a lot of caffeine in their product.

Caffeine is toxic to dogs, and you should keep it as far away from your pup as possible.

It can even have fatal consequences if your dog has too much of it.

Just like with humans, caffeine stimulates the dog’s central nervous system and can make them extremely hyperactive.

Artificial Sweeteners

Most foods available in the supermarket have artificial sweeteners.

Xylitol is one sugar substitute that can wreak havoc on your dog’s body as it is lethal to your furry friend.

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In a matter of just 30 minutes, ingestion of this artificial can lead to a dramatic drop in your dog’s blood sugar level, vomiting, and lethargy.

Not just that, it can even cause seizures, internal hemorrhage, and even liver damage.

Artificial Content

We all know that artificial content is not good for our bodies and the same is true for our doggy as well.

Jelly beans have a lot of artificial ingredients in them such as the dye, flavoring, etc.

Excitability is one of the symptoms when a dog eats something with artificial dye.

More Information: Can Dogs Have Jelly Beans?

If jelly beans are one of your favorite treats then, it is best if you keep them in a safe spot that your dog can’t reach.

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It is always a good idea to read the product label  and choose a brand that’s relatively safe for your dog in case he gets his paws on it.

can dogs eat jelly beans

This can prove to be life-saving!

If you like snacking with your furry friend, have a good dog treat on hand.

This will allow you to snack on your favorite treat, while your dog snacks on his and your dog will feel included.

In case your dog is refusing to eat the treat you got for him, don’t give him a jelly bean just yet! Wait till your furry realizes that it’s all she’ll get.

This way, your dog won’t annoy you by whining, and you won’t feel guilty about not offering your dog a treat. 

Dogs, sometimes, get ahold of things they shouldn’t have.

In case your furry friend has some jelly beans, call the vet immediately and follow their instructions.

Summing Up: Can Dogs Have Jelly Beans?

Jelly beans are not natural foods as they are artificially made and contain a lot of things that aren’t suitable for dogs to consume.

So, no, it is not a good idea to give your dog jelly beans to munch on.

There are a lot of good treats available on the market that are completely safe for your doggy friend to consume and are free from ingredients that can cause eventual harm to your puppy’s health.

Keep jelly beans as far away from your furry friend as possible.

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