Can Dogs Have Cream Cheese

can dogs have cream cheese

Cream cheese is just awesome. You can have it by itself, or add it as an ingredient for other foods.

can dogs have cream cheese

I enjoy having cream cheese with crackers, and it is one of my guilty-pleasure snacks.

I love to munch on while watching movies. And, little Fido tries to guilt me into giving him some.

But, some human foods can wreak havoc on your furry friends’ system.

That’s why I always look food up before feeding it to my dog as I want him to live a long, happy, and healthy life.

In this article, I’ll answer the question, “Can dogs have cream cheese?” in as much detail as I possibly can.

So, let’s jump right in!

Can Dogs Have Cream Cheese?

Yes, cream cheese is safe for dogs to consume. However, they should only have a taste of it.

While cream cheese is a good solution when you want your dog to swallow a pill, it’s not really something you want to give your dog on a daily basis or include in his diet. 

According to the American Kennel Club, cream cheese does have nutritional benefits for our furry friends as it is high in calcium, protein, essential fatty acids, vitamin A, and B-complex vitamins.

While all these nutrients are right for your dog’s health, an excess of everything is terrible for your doggy.

And too much of cream cheese can cause problems as well.

How Much Cream Cheese Is Safe for My Dog to Consume?

As cream cheese is not a natural food or essential to your dog’s health, it should only be given occasionally as a treat and in small portions. ​

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much cream cheese can lead to digestive problems, obesity and in some cases pancreatitis in your pet.

So, keep it for SOS purposes only! Don’t give your dog cream cheese no matter how he looks at you.

Moving on…

The Problem With Feeding Your Dog Too Much Cream Cheese

We all know that giving our dogs dairy products is not a good idea as most dogs are lactose intolerant and don’t do too well with dairy in their diet.

If your dog isn’t able to digest dairy, keep him away from cream cheese!

Cream cheese is a good way to get your furry friend to swallow a pill.

However, if your furry friend hasn’t had cream cheese before, it is a good idea to start giving him small quantities to learn how his body reacts to it.

 If your dog gets diarrhea or faces any other problems, just stop feeding it to the furry guy and call the vet.

Cream cheese low in fat is still a better option to give to your furry friend.

However, keep in mind that cheese is high in fat as well as sugar. It should only be given to your dog as a treat and should never replace a meal!

Feeding your dog a diet rich in fat won’t just harm your pup’s waistline! It can also cause other problems.

Sugar isn’t too good for your dog, either.

Not only is it bad for your canine friend’s pearly whites, but it can also cause several diseases, including diabetes in the long run.

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So, giving your dog only small amounts of cream cheese on occasion is advisable.

Moving on…

How To Safely Feed Cream Cheese To Your Dog

You can add cream cheese to your dog’s food or give small quantities of it straight from the can.

Most people give cream cheese to their dogs as a treat during the training period, or when they want them to swallow a pill.

The creamy snack can also act as frosting on your doggy friend’s birthday cake!

While you can hide the pill in cream cheese for stubborn dogs, you can also lightly coat the pill with the treat for less stubborn ones.

However, don’t use the cream cheese trick too often or your dog will catch up to speed and either refuse to take the medicine without some cream cheese or not have cream cheese at all because he has associated it with medicine.

Dogs are really intelligent that way.

Final Words: Can Dogs Have Cream Cheese?

Yes, cream cheese is safe for dogs to consume.

However, you should give it to your doggy friend in limited quantity as it is high in fat and large amounts of it can eventually cause your dog to get sick by creating health conditions such as diabetes.

boxer dog

So, it is safe to use cream cheese when trying to get your dog to swallow a pill, or as reinforcement during training.

Keep in mind that cream cheese is an occasional treat.

I hope this article is helpful in answering the question, can dogs have cream cheese.

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