Can Dogs Get Pink Eye?

Can Dogs Have Pink Eye

Pink eye is a type of bacterial infection of the conjunctiva.

Can Dogs Get Pink Eye

The condition lines the eyelid and covers the white part of the eyeball.

It causes blood vessels to become inflamed and more visible making the eye to appear pinkish or reddish. 

Dealing with a pink eye is irritating, uncomfortable and unattractive, but should I also worry about giving my dog this infection?

Unfortunately, Pink Eye is Very Contagious.

Dogs can contact conjunctivitis through constant kissing, hugging, and petting. You should treat the condition with care to prevent spreading it.

Also, time is the only thing that can cure you or your dog when it comes to pink eye.

The most practical way to dodge spreading it is through sanitation and isolation of the infected party.

Conjunctivitis is transferable to pets and also humans.

You can determine if your dog has this condition if they have symptoms such as abnormal squinting, regular blinking, pinkness and swollen eyes.

Other symptoms include excessive nose discharge, sneezing, rubbing of eyes and coughing. 

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To reduce the irritation and itching, you are recommended to use Pink Eye spray meant for animals.

Sanitation and Contamination

Preventing the spread of pink eye can be very tricky despite our efforts.

However, it never hurts to try protecting your family in any way possible.

It is because the harmful virus-like Adenovirus in your eyes can easily transfer to your hands.

Therefore anything you come into contact with is a potential victim.

Additionally, handling your dog with unsanitary hands will undoubtedly expose it to conjunctivitis.

 Do not allow your dog to be affected with this irritating and uncomfortable infection, if you can take simple precautions to avoid the problem. 

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Treatment of Pink Eye

Treating of a dog’s pink eye is challenging, the first step in helping your dog is providing it with a quality funnel collar.

The funnel keeps the dog from scratching their eyes which will worsen the condition.

Also clean the dog’s eyes regularly to prevent them from being a breeding ground for some bacteria and germs.

When cleaning, apply lukewarm water on harden mucous around the eye. It will help to soften the mucous build-up.

Moreover, use canine formulated eye drops only if it is necessary. It aids in the reduction of the eye itchiness.

On the brighter side, pink eye symptoms decrease in one or two weeks for both pets and humans.

With proper sanitation, the condition can heal itself.

However sometimes veterinarian advice the use of an antibiotic, No matter the case be sure that your dog will eventually recover from conjunctivitis.

Prevention is the Key

To avoid all these struggles and the embarrassments of the condition, avoid spreading it to your dog.

Pink eye is very uncomfortable, and you would not like your dog to suffer the same situation.

Note that the condition is easily spread through direct contact with an infected pet or person.

As a result, always sanitize your hands if you cannot stay away from your pet.

I hope this article is helpful in answering the question, can dogs get pink eye. 

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