Why Do Dogs Stare At Walls

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There are various reasons that can explain why your dog could be staring at the wall sometimes. This is a behavior that could be triggered by various reasons and could be a medical condition as well.

why do dogs stare at walls

Therefore before you start wondering why the dog could be staring at the wall, it is important to investigate the cause. This will help get rid of unwanted critters.

To do this, you can grab a stool and sit next to the dog listening to any unusual sounds and looking around the wall to see if there is anything that the dog sees on your ceiling or walls.

Need to Call the Exterminator

Don’t underestimate that your dog could be watching a colony of ants or a lizard that could be living on a small gap on the wall. There are also chances that mice could be living under the deck and therefore the dog is watching to see the mice just to stay busy.

If you doubt any of the above, you might consider calling an exterminator to help in making sure there are no critters living in your house.

Staring the Walls Could Be a Matter of Age

Old age could be the reason why dogs stare at the walls. An aged dog that recently began staring at the walls might cause concern to the owner who might want to consult a veterinary doctor to check out on the dog.

This could be the dog’s version of Alzheimer disease. There are other signs that could also indicate dementia in your dog.

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Therefore if your aged dog recently started staring at the walls, it might be important to see the veterinary to help look out for the signs of any one of the conditions that lead to this behavior.

Staring at Walls Could Be Focal Seizure

Although we associate seizures with violence, and full body movements that cause your dog to even foam on the mouth seizure could be indicated when a dog stares at the walls continuously.

A Veterinarian called DR. Pete advised that you try distracting the dog from that behavior and if the dog is easily destructed, then this could be a sign of partial seizure.

It is advisable that you capture the behavior on a tape recording to help a vet officer to come up with a diagnosis of this behavior.

Medical Condition Affecting Dogs Organs

The behavior could also be caused by a medical condition that could be affecting your dog. One head pressing can be associated with the dog staring at the walls head first.

can dogs have sleeping pills

To rule out this condition, it is important to bring the dog to a vet for a test to be administered so as to check if the liver is functioning well.

Compulsive Disorder

The compulsive disorder is a condition that will lead the dog to develop repetitive behaviors.

It is common in stimulated or bored canines, and they result even to following shadows or lights on the walls. Staring into space is also a sign of a compulsive disorder.

Based on the above it is advisable to monitor your dog’s behavior so as to identify why he/she might be staring at the walls repeatedly.

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