5 Reasons to Love Boston Terriers

reasons to love boston terriers-
5 reasons to love boston terriers

Any Boston Terrier parent will gladly provide you with a multitude of reasons to love the breed.

Full of charisma, this stout little dog will easily charm even the hardest of hearts. It’s because of this that Boston devotees can’t get enough of the breed.

What is it, though, that makes them so adorable?

1. Boston Terriers are Intelligent

This breed is quick learning, intelligent and easy to train. If there is a problem, the Boston will figure out a solution.

are boston terriers intelligent

Their intellect is so brilliant, in fact, that if there is any suggestion of naughtiness on their part, they know how to exaggerate devastated expressions as a means of ensuring that they are completely innocent of any and all charges brought against them.

2. They’re Comical

Boston Terriers are spritely, funny and have fantastic expressions.

 Playful and brave, they are game for almost anything and love acting like silly pups while expecting you to enjoy their antics.

If you’re having a rough time with something, all you have to do is come home to a Boston and instigate a little playtime, and your day will instantly be brighter.

3. Boston’s are Affectionate

With such sweet dispositions, it’s easy to understand why this breed is so affectionate.

are boston terriers sociable dogs

Devoted to their individuals and families, they enjoy attention, snuggling and giving kisses.

Sticking by your side during TV time and curling up next to you in bed, you will always know you’re adored when you’re a Boston Terrier parent.

4. Bosties Are Devoted

Boston’s are committed to their family or individual, making sure to stay close by, regardless of what you’re doing.

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Keeping you in eye distance, they want to make sure you are not too far away, yet they do not hover.

interesting facts about boston terriers

Arriving home from a long day at work will instantly remind you that your favorite admirer has been patiently awaiting your return, simply because he or she loves you.

5. They are Happy

It’s pretty hard to find a depressed Boston Terrier, for they have a bright, happy personality.

Always chipper and enjoying life, this breed thinks that almost anything is interesting, exciting and flat out fun.

“Bad Day” just isn’t in their vocabulary. For this reason they make others smile and feel positive, as well.

do boston terriers make good pets

 It also contributes to their easy going personality with people, animals and new things.

So if you like a sound, playful, devoted and delightful little dog, a Boston Terrier might be the pet for you.

Their happy-go-lucky attitude is sure to win you over, alongside their over-the-top cuteness.

If you are looking for a sidekick that will love you to the ends of the earth and bring continual sunshine your way, then consider a Boston Terrier as your next pet.

Just make sure to be prepared, for without doubt you are going to fall head over heels in love.

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