Can Dogs Have Squash

Feeding Our Dogs

We all love our four legged friends. They're fun, playful, and always happy to see us. But owning a dog is more than just a fun relationship, it's a very big responsibility. Let's be honest about something for a moment, dogs are not as intelligent as we are. 

Most dogs would chase a rabbit though a building site, a war zone, and the fiery depths of Hell, and not think anything of it. They would also eat anything that even remotely resembles food.

As the owner, it's your job to stop your dog from eating something which could cause them serious harm. You're probably aware that avocados and grapes are big no no's but what about squash? 

Can you feed squash to a dog?

Well, there's good news and neutral news. 

can dogs have squash

The good news is that it is perfectly safe to feed squash to your dog, in fact, they receive most of the same nutritional benefits from it as we do (those will be covered later). 

The neutral news is that in order to give your dog squash you have to cook it first. 

 The same applies to humans! 

Their (and our) digestive system are not designed to extract nutrients from vegetables such as squash as they are tough and it will take ages for the stomach acid to absorb all the nutrients. 

So it's okay to feed your pooch COOKED squash. 

Nutritional benefits of squash

As mentioned earlier, much of the nutritional benefits we get from squash are shared by our furry friends. But what are they? 

Eating squash boosts your immune system, making you less vulnerable to diseases. They also help to keep diabetes at bay as they are an excellent controller of blood sugar levels. They are a wholesome source of nutrients. And some studies have even suggested that they may contribute to preventing the growth of cancer cells


If you wanted to, you could just boil squash and give it to your dog. But squash alone wouldn't provide them with ALL of the nutrients that they need for a healthy lifestyle. 

One idea would be to mix up the squash with a can of tinned dog food. This way, they get the meat and the squash. 

You could also try making a very basic squash soup and pour it over rice, pasta, or indeed dog food. But make sure you make the soup yourself as shop brought soups often contain a lot of salt. 

Make sure to feed your dog store brought dog food at least 3 times a week, just to be sure they're getting everything they need. 

Be careful when feeding squash to your dog

Although most of time squash is completely harmless to dogs, there may be exceptions, in the same way there are some people who can't eat certain foods that most others can. 

The best approach would be to start off by feeding your dog his regular food with a little big of squash on the side. If they have an allergic reaction or diarrhea as a result of eating the squash, you'll know not that your dog is one of the few who can't eat squash.