Can Dogs Eat Bananas

There are vegetables and fruits that are good for your dogs such as bananas. In fact, a lot of veterinarians will recommend you to add this potassium-rich food to their diet. It is a healthier alternative to the salty and fatty treats that are sold in the market.

can dogs eat bananas

Furthermore, it also contains a high dose of fiber which can aid your dog in case he has a GI (Gastrointestinal) problem.

The magnesium content of the bananas will encourage bone growth. It also helps the proper absorption of nutrient and promotes the build-up of protein.

Share Bananas With Your Dog in Moderation

When you feed an excessive amount of bananas to your dog, your dog may experience constipation. Aside from that, you should also refrain from feeding your dogs with banana peel.

Bananas are never toxic to our dogs but it takes time for them to digest the bananas and if they ingest large pieces of bananas, it can block the digestive tract of the dogs.

Bananas in large amount can also cause hyperkalemia or the excess of protein their blood stream.

Hyperkalemia can lead to heart conditions that may result to cardiac arrest. Irregularities in the blood sugar can also be an issue if you give your dog with an excessive amount of bananas. 

Just like any foods that you plan to introduce on your dog’s diet, you should first talk to your veterinarian about it.

In case you are giving bananas as a treat, you should observe if there are some signs of allergies and any change on their weight. Some dogs will love to eat bananas while others will not.

What are the Symptoms of Overdose?

In the event that your dog is having difficulty when passing stool, then there is a possibility that you give them unnecessary amount of bananas. In addition, they can also experience diarrhea, vomiting and abdominal discomfort.

For those who have acquired hyperkalemia, your dogs can collapse unexpectedly. They can also appear disoriented and weak.

When looking for signs of banana overdose, make sure to watch your pets intently. Panting, dilated pupils, yelping, and restlessness are some prevalent signs of discomfort. In case your dog is showing some signs of discomfort, call the help of your veterinary immediately.

Bananas should only be given as a treat. It should never be your alternative to a healthy and balanced diet. Large and medium-sized dogs should only be given with half of the average-size banana.

Puppies and smaller breeds should eat only 2-3 small pieces of bananas. In case you have an active dog, you can probably give them more but always consult your veterinarian.

While bananas are considered good for our furry friends, they should never be given in excess. Dehydrated banana is a better treat compared to the commercially manufactured treats.

The high amount of carbohydrates and sugar will provide our dogs with the energy to stay active. It is also packed with minerals and vitamins that allow them to achieve a healthy and strong body.