Best Dog Toys for Pit Bulls and Bully Breeds

Dogs love toys, especially pit bulls. The reason for this is because pit bulls are active chewers that love to destroy any toy. The problem is that these dogs are such active chewers that when you purchase a new toy for them, it turns to a pile of scraps in what seems like no time at all. 

What pit bulls need are toys that can withstand their enthusiastic chewing. This means that you need to search for dog toys that are as close to indestructible as you possibly can.

Finding the right dog toys is important because the chewing and tearing up of toys is what will entertain your dog. This helps them to blow off some steam and avoid boredom when they are alone, both of which are what leads to destructive chewing around the home. 

pitbull chew toys

Buying several of the right toys for your pit bull is essential to their emotional and physical well-being. 

Top 5 Toys for Pit Bulls

These are the top 5 toys, in order, that you should invest in for your beloved pit bull:

  • Goughnut Black Maxx Rubber Dog Chew Toy
  • West Paw Tough Large Tux Dog Toy
  • Nylabone DuraChew Bone
  • Kong Extreme Ball
  • Mammoth Flossy 3-Knot Rope Tug

These toys will be discussed in further detail as you read on.

What Materials to Look for in Pit Bull Dog Toys

Pit bulls are known for being very strong dogs, which is why they need to have a toy that is strong enough to hold up to it. If you purchase plush or soft toys, your pit bulls will tear these to shreds within minutes. This will not only be a waste of money for you but it can also pose a potential health risk to your dog. 

Purchasing a toy with a stronger material is the best idea.Look for dog toys that are manufactured from solid rubber is the best choice for you to have for your aggressive chewer. 

There are a wide variety of options for dog toys that are made from highly durable rubber, so you are able to find exactly the right toy for your individual dog’s preferences and needs. You can get a simple rubber stick or a rubber toy where you can stuff treats into for your dog.

This type of toy is especially appealing to dogs because not only does it satisfy their need to chew, but it also offers flavors for your dog to taste and smell for even more entertainment. You should also consider finding a toy with a lot of different textures to this as this can also be more appealing to your dog. 

In addition to rubber toys, rope toys are a classic toy that your dog is going to love. Rope is a toy that has been popular for a while now and there is good reason for that.

The rope is often strong enough to last a pit bull for some time while it also has a texture that is naturally very appealing to dogs. Rope toys can also be very beneficial to your dog’s oral health. The fibers of the rope can actually act as floss, removing the plaque build up from in between the teeth of your dog without any extra effort on your part. 

You should also know that rope can be great because it can take on scents that your dog is sure to love, especially as the rope gets older. You can easily machine wash most rope toys if they become too smelly. 

It is important to also remember dental chews for dogs. These toys were made specifically for the purpose of helping your dog’s dental health. If you choose this option for your pit bull, be sure that you choose a heavy duty one that is the perfect size for your dog. 

You need to take a great deal of care when it comes to picking out toys for your dog. You want something that will be durable enough to withstand even the most enthusiastic of chewers so that they can relieve stress and be happy. Plus, a dog that is busy chewing on a toy will not be chewing up your furniture or favorite shoes.

Safety Concerns

Your pit bull is more than just a furry animal; it is a member of your family. That means you want to be sure that you choose a toy that is safe for them. If a toy is easily chewed into smaller chunks, this could raise a potential choking hazard for your dog or could cause intestinal blockage. Choosing a toy with a stronger material like rubber or robe is essential to ensure the safety of your dog. 

Getting a toy that is too small for your pit bull is also very dangerous for your dog. You need to find a dog toy that is large enough for the dog to be unable to swallow it. This could also pose a potential choking hazard for your dog. 

Another danger that you need to look for is if you choose a toy that can easily splinter or get a cheap toy. If a toy ends up with sharp or jagged edges, a dog may end up with cuts on the gums or lips. This could potentially lead to infections. 

Pick something with soft or fluid edges to help prevent this issue.

If you choose an edible toy, like a bone, be sure that you are picking an option that is not going to splinter. Bone fragments can cause a wide variety of issues, such as cutting your dog’s gums or getting stuck in your dog’s windpipe, intestines, or stomachs. That being said, make sure that you are choosing options that will not splinter.

You have a lot of options available to you for safe dog toys for your pit bull. Here is a closer look at some of the top dog toys for your pit bull that were mentioned previously.

Goughnuts Black Maxx Rubber Dog Ring

pitbull chew toy

At a first glimpse, you may think that this dog toy is nothing special. Do not let this simple toy fool you because it is a lot tougher than it looks. This brand tends to specialize in toys geared to enthusiastic chewers. They are actually designed by polymer and mechanical engineers to ensure that they are practically indestructible, meaning that can take virtually anything that your pet throws at it. 

This particular product from Goughnuts has the perfect shape to it that allows your pet to chew on it, carry it around with them, and to pick it up. If your dog loves to go swimming, this toy also has the ability to float. 

What is also great about this product is that it has a built-in safety feature so you know when it is time to replace the toy. Inside the center of this toy is a red rubber section that is surrounded by the black rubber.

If you see any part of this red rubber, it is time for you to replace the toy. It will last your dog a long time but you should be aware that your dog will eventually chew through it.

West Paw Design Tux Dog Toy

What is great about this toy is that it has a hollow center to it that allows you to put a delicious treat for your pet in there. This will transform a simple chew toy into a challenge that will keep your pit bull occupied for a long time. As your dog chews on this, they can dig out some of the goodies inside so be sure to stock up on their favorite treat.

Another great feature about this dog toy is that the 3-pronged shape, which gives your pit bull the ability to pick it up easily. They can use it to grip while chewing on it as well as carrying it around wherever they want to go. 

The West Paw Design Tux Dog Toy is made from a combination of rubber, non-toxic phalate, and latex. This combination makes it durable enough to stand up to aggressive chewers, but it may not be quite as tough as some of the other options on the market today. 

You should keep an eye on your dog while they chew on this toy because your pit bull may be able to take a chunk out of it, which could be a potential choking hazard.

Nylabone DuraChew Bone

chew toys for pitbulls

Nylabone is a name that you are no doubt very familiar with as a dog owner. It is a simple, bone-shaped dog toy that is manufactured from nylon. The Nylabone DuraChew Bone is a very durable option that does not have some of the same issues that you would come across with a rubber toy. This option has ridges and grooves built into it, which offers appealing texture to dogs as well as offering your dogs dental stimulation that is crucial to your dog’s oral health.

The rough surface is also quite perfect for helping your dog to remove the plaque in their mouth, keeping your pit bull’s gums healthy. 

You can get this Nylabone toy in various sizes and flavors so you can find the perfect option for your furry friend. You should be sure to pick a size that is larger as a smaller bone dog toy could be dangerous to your dog. 

A problem with nylon is that it does have a tendency to splinter, which you will not get with a rubber toy. This means that you need to keep a close eye on your dog when she is chewing on this toy as these splinters can get stuck in the mouth or digestive track, leading to potentially serious health issues. If you see that this toy is falling apart or has pieces coming off of it, take it away from your dog and replace it right away.

KONG Extreme Ball

kong extreme ball for pitbulls

KONG is another brand that you are probably very familiar with. These are the leading high-quality rubber toys, which is exactly why they are even used when training K9 unites. The fact that KONG toys can withstand the chewing of a police dog-in-training, tells you that you can count on this being a great choice for your pit bull. This ball is a perfect toy because not only can your pit bull chew on it, you can also engage your dog with a game of fetch with it.

It has a smooth surface to it but there is a small area where you can fill up the center with a delicious treat for your dog. This smooth surface helps to make this a more durable option than other balls.

Mammoth Flossy Chews Cotton Blend Color Rope Tug

Rope toys are fantastic options for your dog. This particular rope tug toy is extremely thick and durable, which is what makes it an excellent choice for pit bulls. The knots are among the most durable parts of this toy, proving to be a challenge for most aggressive chewers. It can be a great toy for bonding games like tug-o-war with your dog. You can choose from a few different sizes but it is recommended that you choose a larger one for your pit bull. 

 These larger ones are more durable, offering more knots for your pit bull to try to destroy which will really occupy their time. 

A rope toy like this one is also great for your dog’s oral health. The threads can act like a floss for your dog and flossing is just as important for them as it is for you. As your dog pulls on the threads, they get in between the teeth which gives them a great clean. 

The problem with rope toys is that they are not quite as durable as nylon or rubber. It can shred pretty easily, especially with more aggressive chewers. When your pit bull inevitably chews the rope up, it can also be a pain to clean up this mess.

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